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  • Laurie Finzer says:

    I just finished book six…the series is incredible and I thank you for your amazing writing talent. I know I will be in withdrawal waiting for book 7. Any idea on when I can look forward to reading it? Your character portrayals are superb and I feel like I am a close friend of all your characters. I’ll have to admit that while reading the series I have gone without sleep many nights because I couldn’t put the books down once I started reading. Once I am about three quarters through I start slowing down my reading pace because I don’t want the book to end and then have to wait for the next one. Thanks for the great entertainment! Do you have other series with witches & wizards I can sink my teeth into?

    • bcburgess says:

      Hi, Laurie! I’m so glad you’re loving the Mystic series. I am still working on 7 and can’t commit to a release date yet. This is my first published series, so no, I don’t have another, but I am releasing some side scenes I wrote about Quin’s past. It’s titled QUIN and there will be 3 episodes, each with 1-3 scenes. Episode 1 is available now, 2 will release in a week, and 3 will release in 3 weeks. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and patience, and thanks for writing! <3

  • Elena says:

    I cannot wait for the seventh book either. Do you have a specific time in the series that we should read Quinn’s books? Also where can I find your bonus content you mentioned at the end of the books?

    • bcburgess says:

      Hi, Elena. Sorry for the delayed response. I’ve been neglecting my website for months. If you’re still curious about when to read QUIN, there’s no hard rule. If I were talking to someone who hadn’t read any of the books, I would suggest they read Descension before reading QUIN to maintain the mysteries of Layla’s journey in book 1. Beyond that, there aren’t any major spoilers in QUIN. But if you wait until you know the rest of the coven and Quin’s friends to read it, then you’ll have more insight into the side characters. As for the bonuses mentioned at the end of the books, those that had reached their needed review goals were on my website in the past, but they weren’t getting widely read, so I decided to publish them in QUIN, as well as a Bri & Keg trilogy that’s due to release this year. The bonuses that didn’t make it into those books will be added to my website soon. 🙂

  • Shannon says:

    Oh my. This entire series is addictive. I just finished book yesterday. I’m having withdrawal. It’s amazing the way you’ve written the characters. I was completely lost in the Mystic Coven from page one. I cannot wait for another installment. Thank you so much. Books like these are a reminder of why I love to read… and why I love my book a day habit. Thank you

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