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Playlist for Retribution (Mystic #4) by @BCBurgessBooks

Retribution Playlist

*Click on the song title to hear it!*

*Contains book 4 excerpts and major series SPOILERS*

Chapter 1: Magic by Colbie Caillat

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He gave her earlobe a nibble then moved his mouth to the back of her neck, listening as her sigh whispered across his pillow. He reached up, finding her parted lips with his fingertips. Then he trailed his hand down her torso, emitting soft shocks that twitched her stomach and vibrated her aura. When he got to her thighs, he slipped his hand between them, completely covering the smooth entrance to her body. Then a whoosh of magical warmth flowed from his palm, igniting sensitive nerve endings and jolting her awake.


Chapter 2: Soulmates by Silvard

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When the three golden couples entered the suite to find a fourth, their mouths fell open as the door flew shut behind them. Frozen in place, they didn’t say a word. They just stared, their features strained by disbelief; their complexions blanched by surprise.


Chapter 3: Burn by Ellie Goulding

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“We’re not helpless, Quin. We’re the exact opposite of helpless. You and I can do anything we set our minds on. Surely we stand a good chance against anything they can throw at us.”


Chapter 5: Once in a Lifetime by Landon Austin

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“Every free moment we get, I want you in my arms. I want us to hold and love each other like there’s no tomorrow, and I want to treasure each moment like it’s our last. If we have to die, I want to die knowing I held the most amazing woman in the world the way she deserved to be held, that I showed her how much I love and need her, and that I’m happier than I’ve ever been when I’m with her. I want to spend the rest of our lives, no matter how short they may be, showing you these things while touching your soul and letting you touch mine.” He kissed away more tears then found her eyes again. “Will you please let me do that, Layla? It’s all I want. It’s all I need to make everything worth it. If you’ll give me this, I’ll fight every day for the rest of my life.”


Chapter 5: Gorecki by Lamb

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He gasped, jolting as her magic clutched his insides and pulled. Then he exhaled hugely when the force reached the surface of his skin and collided with hers. The atmosphere flashed, and the air filled with heat, a peaceful cocoon delivering magical morphine straight into her pores. This was exactly what she wanted… what she needed. It felt like every wonderful thing he’d ever said to her and done for her had been woven into a blanket that was now wrapped around her body, delivering much needed love, security and hope. It felt like she was nestled in his soul, right next to his heart, right where she wanted to be.


Chapter 12: Moonrise Aka Yiruma Moonlight by Study Music Ensemble

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Accessible from the downstairs hallway through a door positioned between the guest bathroom and the stairs, the library stretched into the backyard, with a set of double-doors leading onto the deck, and a huge bay window facing the forest. The furniture combined sublime comfort with the simple beauty of earth tones and solid patterns; and the accessories and artistry were custom-made, each piece unique yet complementary. There were enough shelves in the high-ceilinged room to hold all the books in Layla’s high school library, and every ledge boasted magically-carved designs that varied from shelf to shelf but were repeated often throughout the room and its objects.


Chapter 14: A Story to Unfold by BrunuhVille

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She could summon a fireball and toss it any way she wanted, forming it into any shape she desired while changing its color. She could break a massive piece of earth from the mountainside then break it again and again before juggling the debris. And when she was done playing, she could put the jagged rocks back together and fit them into the mountain like a puzzle piece. She could lift the entire lake into the air then turn it into a cyclone or a sphere or a liquid beast. When she held it over everyone’s heads and threatened to let the floating wave go, some of them actually believed her. Replacing the lake, she grabbed a gust of wind and changed its course, slowing it down and speeding it up. Then she tested her precision by sneakily lifting Brietta’s skirt with a gentle breeze. After adjusting the garment three different times, Brietta finally caught on, and Layla laughed while lifting the skirt a little higher.


Chapter 15: It Goes Like This by Thomas Rhett

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She turned her head, finding his cheek with her lips. “You really wrote me a song?”


“Why haven’t you already shared it with me?”

“I didn’t write it to impress you.”

“Why did you write it?”

“Because I was lying there, watching you experience your parents’ memories while thinking about how I felt about you, and the words came, but I didn’t finish it that night. I knew there was more.”


Chapter 20: Elfin Melody by Silvard

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Layla smiled at Shaylee while motioning for her to come over, and the baby’s aura brightened as she pushed herself to her feet and toddled across the circle. Layla patted the ground in front of her, and Shaylee sat, expectantly looking up with mesmerizing eyes.

Layla leaned close and whispered. “Hi, Shaylee. You have a very pretty name.”

To Layla’s surprise, Shaylee responded, her voice small and adorably sweet. “Ankoo.”


Chapter 21: If I Didn’t Have You by Thompson Square

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“You take perfect care of me, Quin.”

“I wish I could do more, Layla. I want you to have everything you deserve in life, but you keep getting things taken away.”

“That’s when I come to you,” she countered. “I can always count on you to fill the void and heal the hurt.”


Chapter 24: Butterflies & Rainbows by Larry W. Rice

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Layla continued her conversation as she gathered every small child in the circle. Then she led them away from it, not stopping until they’d reached a wide open area of lawn. She waved a hand through the air, and eight magical chairs appeared, each of them comprised of rainbows and custom made to match each child’s individual size.


Chapter 29: Fotografia by Yiruma

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The afternoon of introductions was extremely emotional for Layla, but the majority of the emotions were good, and she always found strength in Quin’s arms. She was shocked by how many blood relatives she had, and even after laying eyes on the proof and feeling the tingles run up her arm again and again, she had a hard time believing it. She’d met a few great-grandparents, several aunts and uncles, and many more cousins, most of them bearing a resemblance to either her mom or dad, so she also saw herself in the faces she met. 


Chapter 31: Count On Me by Bruno Mars

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Kegan stepped forward and squared his stance, taking on an air of confidence and looking much like the soldier he aimed to be. “We’re aware of the consequences, Quin, but if we don’t help you when you need it most, we’re not the men we claim to be. Out of all the incredible people I know, none of them devote themselves to others like you do. You have this uncanny ability to read people, to recognize when they need help, and you’re always willing to offer it. I’ve turned to you with problems I didn’t even take to my own family, and you’ve never left me to handle them on my own. Now you need help, and I know that’s probably hard for you to swallow, because you’re the man with the answers not the problems. But you’ve finally gotten yourself into a predicament, and it’s a big one, so I’m going to help you resolve it, just like you’ve helped me over and over again.”


Banning’s posture sagged at her sad voice, but he quickly corrected it. “Because my life will never be the same if we lose this battle. I’m not saying it would be impossible to move on, I’m saying I don’t want to. This is the life I want, just like it’s the life you want. Isn’t that why you’re taking the risk? You don’t want to live without us, so you’re going to fight to keep us, and I’m going to fight to keep you. The last thing I want to do is sit here and surrender what I love to Agro. And I know you understand how I feel, because you feel the same.”


Brietta’s smile wavered, and she quickly waved a hand to vanish the moisture escaping her eyes. “I don’t want to spend a long and healthy life looking back on this moment and regretting the way I handled it. I know I’m only one person, and I know my being there probably won’t make a difference. But if I don’t do this and you fail, I’ll always harbor guilt for not helping when I had the chance, and I’ll spend the rest of my life with a huge hole in my heart…” She clutched her chest, her voice cracking as her face flexed. “Because I’d miss all of you so much. It would hurt me every day for the rest of my life if I lost you, so my guilt would have despair and pain as constant companions.” She paused, raising Banning’s hand to her cheek as she took a deep breath. “Like my baby brother, I don’t want to live that way.”


Chapter 32: Two Hearts by Todd Wallin

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He moved his hand to her chest and slid the loose cotton of her dress aside, touching the skin over her heart. After counting the organ’s fitful beats for several seconds, he leaned in and kissed the erratically pulsing flesh, focusing on the reasons her heart usually beat, all the love and kindness it portrayed, and he hoped to draw her attention to them as well, help her rediscover the virtuous beauty beneath the anger. He found it every time he looked at her, even in the most tumultuous situations. And when he touched her, when her heartbeat thumped against his flesh, pulsed within his ears, and throbbed along his core, he gained what was hers. All the internal beauty she possessed momentarily became his, and he was, for a sublime moment in time, the man he always wanted to be, the man she needed him to be.


Chapter 33: Memories in My Eyes by Yiruma

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The rainforest blurred and shifted, swirling into a foggy, unreadable mass. Then it took on the form of Multnomah Falls. Artificial water roared down the fake Mountain, warm mist moistened the magicians’ faces, and real birds emerged from the forest, perching on the edge of the lawn as they sang a sweet tune.


Chapter 36: Eyes in the Dark by Nox Arcana

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She struggled against Quin’s hold, her bloody aura enveloping the accused, and they finally looked up, gasping at her huge power-band, the ominous haze around it, and the black chasms staring them down.


Chapter 39: I Love the Way You Look Tonight by Larry W. Rice

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He turned his head and kissed her fingertip. Then he lowered her feet to the floor while waving a hand through the air. The golden room filled with the soft tinkle of piano keys, and Layla looked over, marveling at the baby grand that appeared to play a slow and sweet tune.


Chapter 39: Heaven is a Place on Earth by Katie Thompson

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The music rose to a crescendo, and he danced her from one end of the suite to the other, making her feel like a princess floating across a ballroom. She could be any one of the beautiful maidens in the fairy tales she read as a child. But in her own story, a life more enchanting than even the most magical tale, prince charming wasn’t just a pretty face with good timing. Quin was much more – a strong man with an even stronger heart and the body of a god to hold it; a man who’d steal the moon for her if she asked him to. He didn’t just save her, breathing life into her when she had none; he completed her, balanced her, showed her the good when faced with the bad. No one had ever loved another like he loved her.


Chapter 40: Haunted Dreams by Nox Arcana

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She stood on a vast slab of slick ice, a shrouded moon providing murky light to a scene that reeked of scorched flesh and death. And there, among the chaos, lay Quin, wounded and draining of life. His black shorts were singed at the edges, and his biceps were draped with charred remnants of leather bands. His bare chest was pale as it laboriously rose and fell, and the muscles in his limbs bulged and tragically twitched.


Chapter 42: Saying Goodbye by Todd Wallin

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Quin reached out and wiped a tear from Alana’s face. “We’re all sad.”

“I’m sad,” she confirmed, her pout trembling.

Quin’s chest expanded as he brushed his thumb across Alana’s pucker. “I know, angel. This is really hard, isn’t it?”

Alana and Layla nodded at the same time, and Quin swallowed as he glanced between them. “Hey,” he said, “I have an idea. Let’s go for a ride.”


Chapter 45: Huron ‘Beltane’ Fire Dance by Loreena McKennitt

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White fog rolled out from beneath his palm, and a loud thrum pulsed from the clearing below. “I’d say they’re almost ready,” Caitrin noted, smiling up at everyone. “Shall we join them?”

“Hell, yeah,” Weylin agreed, flipping through the smoky opening.

The majority of his family followed him with similar enthusiasm. Then Banning dove in, and Brietta wasn’t far behind as she pulled Kegan along. After glancing in the hole, she turned into his chest. Then she flashed a cheeky smile and fell backward, forcing him to fall with her.

Layla wasn’t sure what all the excitement was about, but it seemed fun.

“Ready?” Quin asked, squeezing her hand.

“I don’t know,” she answered. “But who cares? Let’s go.”


Chapter 46: Deep Into The Forest by Michael Nyman

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It was time to make their way to the battlegrounds.


Chapter 49: Arise by Nox Arcana

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Chunks of ice from the failed artillery attack still smashed to the ground when the individual spells started flying, and complete chaos ensued. Agro’s army divided – some remaining faithful to their boss, willing to protect him at all costs, while others drifted away, more concerned for their own safety than his. To add to the confusion, many of the magicians behind Quin and Layla lost their composure and started firing erratic and unorganized magic from shaky hands.


Chapter 49: Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys *I couldn’t resist 😉*

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glowed red like the sun (fixed)

Layla’s eyes snapped open to a murky moon, and while her body was hers again, under her control, it was different. She was different. No longer pure of heart. She was a force to be reckoned with, and it was time for her enemies to pay. 


Chapter 50: The Lightning Strike (What If This Storm Ends) by Snow Patrol

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In the time it took Serafin to place a magical tourniquet over Quin’s wound, Layla had carved her way through dozens of Unforgivables and was scorching another thirty with her flames. And Quin had been forced to lie still and watch every terrifying and heart-wrenching move.


Chapter 50: Aura (Alternative Version) by BrunuhVille

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Her touch jump-started his heart, and his eyes popped open, filling with moisture as he stared at her. A smile played on his lips, and one of his hands rose to her cheek, his fingers dipping into her curls as his thumb wiped away tears. “Layla Love… You make me feel so good.” He paused, taking in a shaky breath before sighing. “Always.”


Chapter 51: Forever Mine (Cinematic Version) by Marie Hines

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*This song is Layla’s song to Quin when he’s unconscious (and one of my favorites on ALL the playlists). Since you didn’t see that part in the book, here’s an excerpt from Quin and Kemble’s conversation about it.*

“Well,” Kemble sighed, “the first night was really rough on her. All she did was lie there and stare at you while talking to you and herself and that’s it. She wouldn’t talk to anyone else or respond when we spoke to her. It had us pretty worried, and you would have flipped if you’d seen her like that. Serafin kept checking her head to make sure her brain was functioning correctly, but it was her heart that was broken.”

Quin swallowed a painful lump, and Kemble’s brow furrowed as he went on. “She’d never seen you sleep, Quinlan. How you’ve managed to spend every night with her without letting her see you sleep, I’ll never understand, but you probably should have given her the opportunity, because it freaked her out seeing you unconscious. She kept talking about how perfect and still you looked, but then she’d start talking about how it wasn’t right, you being so sober, and how you weren’t you unless you were looking at her and smiling at her and holding her.”

“Please stop, dad.”

“She got better.”

Quin hopefully looked up. “She did?”

“Yes. Your color was returning to normal by yesterday morning, and Serafin had your side patched up. That’s when she finally talked to us and asked for gum. We were so relieved, we bought the store’s entire stock, and it’s a good thing we did, because she’s nearly chewed it all. Since then she’s been using her time rather wisely. She practiced a song on the guitar, and she read one of Serafin’s medical textbooks, quizzing herself on the human organ and nervous systems.”


Chapter 51: Chasing the Sun by Jackie Scott

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He smiled and leaned in, giving her a soft kiss that took her breath away, and as her heart stuttered and stopped, his did the same. They both froze, leaving their lips together as they savored the moment. Then her heart and breathing resumed, and so did his.


Thanks for listening! ~ B.C. Burgess ♥

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Playlist for Deception (Mystic #3) by @BCBurgessBooks

Deception Playlist

*Click on the song title to hear it!*

*Contains Deception excerpts and major series SPOILERS*

Chapter 1: Stars by George Winston

Get it on iTunes & Amazon


A rainbow of shiny mist dazzled Quin’s retinas as he awoke in the middle of the night, his mind oddly alert. His head lay on his left bicep, and his right arm cuddled Layla to his chest, her rhythmic breaths pulsing over his pecs. Her aura flowed peacefully, but Quin’s spine straightened under the sting of agitated nerve endings.


Chapter 1: Wicked Heart by Nox Arcana

Get it on iTunes & Amazon


Agro grabbed Caitrin’s collar and yanked him from his mate’s embrace, pulling him toward the house to the east. They were halfway there when two soldiers emerged from the shadows, shoving a witch and wizard in front of them. Each captive hugged a small child to their chest, doing their best to shield innocent eyes and ears.


Chapter 3: Cloudburst by George Winston

Get it on iTunes & Amazon


Quin’s vision blurred as his chest filled with fire. He counted the seconds ticking by, and as surely as he watched Layla’s life fade, his own was slipping away. “You can’t do this to me,” he whispered, listening for a breath as he tracked her pulse, its pace dangerously slow. “Come on, baby, just keep breathing.”


Chapter 3: Almost Paradise by Benjamin Utecht

Get it on iTunes & Amazon


They were surrounded by a night sky complete with distant planets, a bright cratered moon, and a constellation of her name. She leaned up, sweeping her gaze left to right, and her mouth fell open. Lush, green grass covered the floor, and the furniture and walls had disappeared, replaced by gently rolling hills, dark sky and more bright stars. Layla leaned over and pulled at the comforter, finding the illusion of a grass covered mound where the bed should be.

“Oh my god.” She straightened and found Quin’s eyes. “You have got to be my imagination running away with me. You can’t be real.”


Chapter 5: Flight by Silvard

Get it on iTunes & Amazon


He grinned as he pulled her under his arm. “How do you feel?”

“The same way I always feel after playing with fire. It’s like taking a shot of adrenaline mixed with happy gas. Screw energy drinks. We should market post-power euphoria.”

He laughed as he rubbed her vibrating shoulder. “So you’re ready for a race?”


Chapter 6: Unity by Todd Wallin

Get it on iTunes & Amazon


Layla loved it, too, and her chest filled with warmth as she cuddled into his bicep and ran her gaze over their family. They were so beautiful and happy, and they were gathered for what could very well be the last time.

Alana’s giggle caught Layla’s attention and she looked over, watching the toddler shoot a tiny puff of fire toward the sky.


Chapter 7: Wonder by BrunuhVille

Get it on iTunes & Amazon


Awestruck eyes frozen open, Layla witnessed blue dragons, white unicorns, and singing mermaids. Then her grandparents took turns making her gasp and gawk at the sky like an idiot. Morrigan shot colorful toucans into Caitrin’s burning trees; and Serafin and Daleen created a miniature Niagara Falls. Every second of the event was exciting and extraordinary, and it forever changed Layla’s idea of a magic show. Smoke and mirrors could never compare.


Chapter 9: Night (part 1) by George Winston

Get it on iTunes & Amazon


Her lungs froze, a scream building in her diaphragm as she stared into Finley’s eyes, their oceanic depths glinting with pride as his lips pressed harder into hers. Her heart slammed against her ribs. Then her lungs burst with a painful shriek as she pushed, scratched and kicked. He rolled off her, and she scrambled out of bed like a guilty mistress busted by a gun-toting wife.


Chapter 9: Everytime We Touch (Candlelight Mix) by Cascada

Get it on iTunes & Amazon


Keeping his fingers locked in his lap, he shifted, pulling one leg on the bed so he could face her. “No matter how many lovers are in my past, there’s only one in my future, and I will never betray you by bringing another into the picture. You could walk out on me and never come back, and I’d still devote my life to erasing your fears. If a lifetime is what it takes to earn your trust and prove my commitment to you, that’s what I’ll give.”

She met his shiny stare, her lips trembling as her heart stuttered. “What you’re offering is what I want most, no matter how selfish it feels or how scared I am to take it.”


Chapter 10: Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me by She & Him

Get it on iTunes & Amazon


His lips parted hers with a soft kiss, and magical warmth rushed her veins as magical tingles slithered over moist flesh. Her muscles vibrated as her blood pumped faster, and goose bumps stretched from her scalp to her toes.

She swayed as his mouth stilled. Then she opened her eyes and smiled. “Do it again.”


Chapter 11: Shivers by Nox Arcana

Get it on iTunes Amazon


He moved closer, and she fought the urge to back up, trying to appear strong, but she didn’t feel strong. “Leave, Finley. There’s no reason for you to be here.”


Chapter 12: Elements (Orchestral Version) by Lindsey Stirling

Get it on iTunes & Amazon


Quin’s devastated roar still pulsed through the lawn when Layla’s grandparents shot from Caitrin’s front porch, closely followed by Brietta.

Morrigan caught Quin’s gaze and faltered, losing height dangerously fast, but Caitrin swooped down and caught her, pulling her to his chest as he continued toward Quin.

“She’s gone,” Quin raged, meeting them halfway. “Finley’s gone.”


Chapter 13: My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark by Fall Out Boy

Get it on iTunes & Amazon


“I’m not crazy, Layla. Things are very clear for me. This isn’t insanity. It’s determination and preservation. It isn’t selfishness either. It’s claiming what’s rightfully mine while giving you the same. You and I are much alike, but the difference is – I know our worth and the dangers we face, while you don’t know shit. Not about yourself, the enemy, or the world. You have no idea what you’re up against, and worse than that, you have no idea what kind of life you deserve or how to go about getting it. Well that’s fine, because I’m getting it for both of us.”


Chapter 14: Veil of Darkness by Nox Arcana

Get it on iTunes & Amazon


Every time a plant rustled, a leaf crunched or a twig snapped, her heart lurched and her lungs froze. But he hadn’t come for her yet, and the timber had grown thicker, the tree trunks closer together. Confidence building, she grasped low slung branches and shouldered rough bark, using them to push and pull herself along. It worked well, and she began covering more ground in less time.


Chapter 14: Luna by BrunuhVille

Get it on iTunes & Amazon


She found the purple glow of the moon through a gap in the branches, reverently watching as a cloud drifted aside to reveal a bright portion of the orb’s cratered surface. It was the closest thing to a star up there, and really, it was much more inspiring than tiny flashes of distant, burning rock. And it was much more fitting to look at while thinking about her hero. Quin wasn’t a distant star so easily obscured by dark clouds; he was a constant light, clearly visible through the stormiest nights.


Chapter 14: Glowing In The Dark by Cider Sky

Get it on iTunes & Amazon


Her head snapped to the side, but she forced it to snap back, flipping her gaze to the treetops across the clearing. Her heartbeat quickened, shifting from a sporadic thrum to a forceful throb, and she lowered her eyes to Finley. “You shouldn’t have done that,” she whispered.


Chapter 18: Gone, Gone, Gone by Phillip Phillips

Get it on iTunes & Amazon


“Never, Layla. I’ll never give up on you. I would have scoured this earth until I found you.”


Chapter 19: If I Didnt Have You by Amanda Marshall

Get it on iTunes & Amazon


“It’s weird, because I never needed anyone when I lived on my own, and now, I’ve never needed anyone more. I crave everything about you – your voice, your attention, your touch. My god I crave your touch. I look forward to curling into your chest like I look forward to breathing. You’ve made me needy, Quinlan Farrel Kavanagh. Suddenly I’m in need of nothing except for your presence, yet my need is stronger than ever.” 


Chapter 20: At Peace by Silvard

Get it on iTunes & Amazon


He carefully sat beside her and looked down, taking a few seconds to examine her uninjured face – her strong and beautiful features. They called his name and spiked his heart rate, propelling a tingle down his spine as he leaned in. Her sweet scent found his senses as her aura parted around him, and his eager fingertips swept across her healthy cheek, caressing its rosy glow. He’d been waiting for this moment for more than twenty-four heart-wrenching hours, and he couldn’t wait any more.

Lowering his needy lips to hers, he finally let himself drink. “Layla, my love.”


Chapter 23: It’s Your Day by Yiruma

Get it on iTunes & Amazon


Layla opened her eyes and gasped, filling her senses with the aroma of sea salt and flowers. They were on a large terrace overlooking the ocean, and not only was the view fantastic, the entire balcony was draped in emerald-green roses. The flowers consumed their romantic perch, twisting around the polished banister and down every rail, and they flowed from above as well, creeping along the windows and wall before spreading out beneath their feet. The floral theme continued to a petal strewn table and chairs, which was set with an array of breakfast options.


Chapter 24: Shine by Donavon Frankenreiter

Get it on iTunes & Amazon


A chill swept over her shoulders and down her spine, and goose bumps followed, reminding her of the cold weather. “This dress is inappropriate for the weather. I’m going to get cold.”

“Nuh-uh,” he breathed, spreading magical warmth into her breasts and throughout her tingling limbs. “Not while you’re with me.”


Chapter 25: We Are in Love by Cider Sky

Get it on iTunes & Amazon


Everyone on the deck turned toward the stairs, scooting this way and that to get a good look, and Layla fought a blush, thankful for the weight and warmth of Quin’s arm around her shoulders.

The herculean wizard jumped off the table and approached with energetic grace, but while he slapped Quin’s shoulder, he kept his gaze on Layla. “We were just talking about you.”

“I heard,” Quin replied. “Something about my damned work ethic.”

“Well you do work too much. So who’s the angel and where have you been hiding her?”

“This is Layla,” Quin answered, smiling at her, and she actually felt an atmospheric shift as everyone snapped to attention.

A few mumbles floated through the crowd, but Quin ignored them, taking the time to kiss Layla’s head before introducing everyone. 


Chapter 27: Make It Rain by Colbie Caillat

Get it on iTunes & Amazon


Layla grinned, unbothered by the gossip session. Only one woman made Quin feel the way he wanted to feel, and he’d finally found her. Apparently he’d done a lot of searching along the way, but Layla knew she was different than the others, and she no longer cared why. As long as she had what it took to hold on to him, it didn’t matter where it came from.


Chapter 28: Candle Light Dinner by Larry W. Rice

Get it on iTunes & Amazon


Quin stayed quiet, which spared her the embarrassment of talking with her mouth full, but he kept touching her, which made her forget about food altogether, even if she was in the middle of a bite. Her eyes would close, and only her natural reflexes kept her teeth mechanically moving as she concentrated on his hands… or his lips. Sometimes it was both. 


Chapter 28: Alive by Krewella

Get it on iTunes & Amazon *As far as I can find, this version is only available on Now That’s What I Call Music, Vol. 46*


He was bursting with adrenaline, and the magic was blowing his mind. “Yes, Layla Love, that was very good, but I don’t know how much longer I can stand here, so you better give me my finale.”

She grinned and moved behind him, placing both hands against the small of his back. “Hold out both arms,” she instructed, and he quickly obeyed. 


Chapter 29: Falling Into You by Celine Dion

Get it on iTunes & Amazon


He sighed and opened his eyes, and she stared into their dark depths, seeing everything she loved in them. She found herself in them, too. Not just her reflection, but her essence. His eyes were always watching her with unfailing tenderness and patience, seeing her in a brighter light, and every time she looked at them, she found more than before.


Chapter 29: Because The Night by 10,000 Maniacs

Get it on iTunes & Amazon


Her wide eyes filled with moisture as her lips quivered, but she didn’t respond, and he figured she was too overwhelmed to talk. He slowly leaned forward, watching her glowing face as his lips touched hers, and for several seconds he held them there, breathing the same air as her while burning the moment into his memory. It would be the most magnificent memory his mind would ever hold, this he knew, and to his ultimate elation, there were more precious memories to come.

He parted his lips around her pout, and that was all it took for Layla’s mood to shift from utter peacefulness to intense anticipation.


Chapter 30: The Beginning by Silvard

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A smile played on her lips as she fiddled with his collarbone. “So you anticipated tonight?”

He grinned and shifted her around, cradling her across his lap. “Yes.”

“Since when?”

“I’ve been anticipating this night for a long time, but I think you’re asking when I decided to make it a reality.”

“Yes,” she laughed, “that’s what I’m asking.”


Playlist for Impassion (Mystic #2) by @BCBurgessBooks

Impassion Playlist

*Click on the song title to hear it!*

Intro: Dust to Dust – The Civil Wars

Get it on iTunes and Amazon

This is the intro song for Impassion. In this book we see Quin trying to secure the dream girl who’s kept a lock on his heart for years, and we see Layla struggling to defy common sense and surrender to a man she just met. Neither of them have ever fallen in love, but by the end of Impassion, they’re no longer lonely.

Chapter 1: I’ve Got To Have You  Kris Kristofferson & Rita Coolidge

Get it on iTunes and Amazon


She turned her head, finding his neck with the tip of her nose, and her lips twitched as his scent rushed her senses. Though her eyelashes remained moist, the tears had stopped, and she owed it to the man sheathing her in consoling warmth. He was good at pulling her out of the dark, succeeding where so many had failed since Katherine’s stroke.

Chapter 2: I’m Yours – Jason Mraz

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Before Layla could sit beside him, he spun her around and pulled her onto his lap. One of his arms encased her stiff shoulders as the other encircled her waist. Then he softly squeezed, urging her to loosen up. Layla took a calming breath then forced herself to relax, quickly realizing his lap was a fantastic place to be.

He grinned then buried his face in her hair, his aura flaring bright yellow and emerald green. “If this is the kind of help you need, count me in.”

Chapter 3: Return To The Heart – David Lanz (timed w/ excerpt)

Get it on iTunes and Amazon


Looking at them was getting easier. With each passing second, Layla saw more of them and less of her parents. Still an emotionally charged sight to see, but a happier one, unmarred by despair and loss. Her grandparents weren’t lost at all. She’d found them. 

A heavy weight she didn’t know she bore lifted, and her dizzy brain swirled as relief rippled from her head to her toes. The hasty flip of emotion jarred her senses, and her lungs yanked in air as she burst into tears. This time she covered her face with both hands and cried for several minutes. 

When the tearful episode subsided, she cleaned herself up then slowly looked around, focusing on their faces one at a time. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, so she grabbed the box of tissues and passed them around.

She figured there would be a quiet moment while everyone gathered themselves, but as she set the tissues aside, Morrigan pulled her into a tight hug. Layla’s first reaction was to tense, but she didn’t want to disappoint her grandma, so she turned and nervously slid her arms around her waist.

“Layla,” Morrigan sobbed, “it feels so good to hold you.” She leaned back, stroking Layla’s cheeks like she’d never see them again. “Thank you for finding us. We’ve missed you more than words can say.”

Layla swallowed and blinked back tears. “I had no idea how much I was missing.”

“Oh, sweetie,” Morrigan exclaimed, pulling her back in. 

It didn’t take long for Layla to find comfort in Morrigan’s embrace. She was being held in motherly arms and felt as if she belonged there. In fact, she never wanted to leave, but after several seconds of cuddling into loving warmth, she wondered if hugging the others would feel as fantastic. Embarrassed to test the theory, she blushed when she left Morrigan’s arms and faced Daleen.

“Your blush is lovely,” Daleen noted, taking her hot cheeks, “but unnecessary. We would cross the earth a million times for the chance to hold you again.” And with that, she pulled Layla in. 

The embrace didn’t disappoint, and soon Layla was buried in Daleen’s shoulder, floating in a sea of contentment.

“Thank you,” Daleen whispered, smelling and kissing her curls. Then she leaned back and dried their tears.

Layla stared at Daleen’s beaming face with wide eyes, feeling dazed as a smile tugged on her lips, but her nerves flared at the prospect of hugging her grandfathers. The idea was as foreign as the final frontier. But as scared as Layla was to make the journey, she burned with curiosity, so she cleared her throat and got to her feet.

Serafin offered a hand, and she timidly took it, letting him pull her into a strong hug. One large palm urged her cheek to his chest as the other encircled her shoulders, and she hesitantly wrapped her arms around his torso.

As wonderful as a mother’s hug, but completely different and brand new, Serafin’s embrace flooded Layla with another wave of emotion. She choked on a sob, and he rested a cheek on her head, strengthening the sanctuary encasing her. His chest vibrated as his heart thrummed in her ear, and she listened closely, finding peace in its rhythm. 

If she’d known how natural and wonderful it would feel to hold her biological family, it would have saved her a lot of worry. They shared a connection not even twenty-one years apart could stifle. It was right. It was the way it should be. It was magical and perfect and she was home. Katherine had been her home for eighteen fantastic years and three very lonely years, but this was Layla’s home now, and she knew, without a doubt, that she belonged there.

“Layla Love,” Serafin whispered. “You just made me the happiest man on earth.” 

Layla squeezed her response, unprepared to let go, but one grandparent remained. She turned to Caitrin without hesitation, and he happily pulled her into a cozy hug filled with security and love.

What a day! Layla couldn’t believe it. In mere minutes, she’d obtained four loving relatives and was already comfortable with them. Another whoosh of relief lightened her body and mind.

“You’re as sweet as your mom,” Caitrin offered, leaning back to find her face. “Thank you for giving us this opportunity. We could speak a million words and still not express how much this day means to us.”

“I had no idea it would be like this. You guys are more wonderful than I ever imagined.” 

“You’re every bit as wonderful as we imagined.”

Chapter 7: Pieces – Cider Sky

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Just when she didn’t think she could withstand one more second of the exquisite fire, a rush of warm tingles tightened her core then flooded her extremities, exploding from her throat with a breathy moan. For several splendid seconds she quaked around his busy hand, her mind caught in a whirlwind of sensitive nerve endings and heightened emotion. Then his titillating advances softened, letting her melt into the bed.

Struggling to keep his breathing even, Quin rested his forehead on one of her breasts as his mouth steamed up the other. She pulsed around his fingers, but her body was languid and had been for several seconds, so he slowly pulled his hand from between her legs while vanishing the moisture he was dying to taste. He probably could have gotten away with it – licked his fingers clean without her knowledge – but that might have pushed him past the point of no return. 

Chapter 9: Some Kind of Beautiful – Tyler Ward (ft. Lindsey Stirling)

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This is Quin’s song for the first time he has to leave Layla and go to work.

Chapter 9 Excerpt (when he leaves):

Waking up with Layla in his arms made Quin want to quit his job…

Chapter 12 Excerpt (when he gets home):

He wrapped his hands around her waist and picked her up, nuzzling through curls until he found her pulse. After breathing her in for over a minute, he kissed her neck and lowered her feet to the floor. “I’ve missed you more than you’ll ever know. Now, would you like to show me what you learned today?”

Chapter 10: The Lark In the Clear Air – Loreena McKennitt (timed w/ excerpt)

Get it on iTunes


Shafts of daylight climbed her legs as she entered a small clearing, thinking she must have the wrong place, because the only thing of note was a round boulder half buried in grassy earth.

The invisible strings pulled harder, and she stumbled forward, scanning the area for proof of her parents’ resting place. She saw nothing, but felt everything. Every emotion possible twisted her insides, and unexplained tears blurred her vision.

As she approached the boulder, the strings gave a hard yank, and she fell, extending her arms to catch herself. Her palms hit stone, and the cords snapped, but the emotions doubled.

Blinking back moisture, she looked down, finding emerald green roses sprouting from the ground and climbing the boulder, which now bore her parents’ names – a golden epitaph etched in gray stone.

Control slipped away, and Layla wrapped the rock in a desperate hug as a mournful wail burst free. At the mercy of grief and violently shaking, she couldn’t think or breathe. All she could do was feel, and she felt broken and lost.

At one point, Morrigan and Daleen tried to console her, but to no avail. Their touch only made her cry harder and grip the memorial tighter. She wanted to sink into it. She wanted to find her parents’ souls and spend one real second in their arms. She wanted to see them so bad. She wanted them to see her. 

Her tears eventually ran dry, and her muscles grew sore and weak, quivering under the stress of dry sobs.

She laboriously lifted her cheek from the stone then studied the gold branding.

Forever In Our Hearts
Rhosewen Keely Donnelly
Aedan Dagda Donnelly
Perfect Daughter
Perfect Son
Perfect Love

Layla ran achy fingers across the words several times. Then she looked to the emerald flowers. They’d been joined by sage green and golden peach roses, and after a moment of confusion, Layla realized they corresponded with her grandmothers’ eyes.

She sank to the ground and picked an emerald bloom. Then she drowned her nose and lips in its soft petals.

Daleen was right. Now that the breakdown was over, every second that ticked by eased Layla’s pain. She remained terribly upset she had to sit next to her parents’ grave instead of them, but the unbearable hurt was fading.

She opened her eyes and straightened, laying her rose on the boulder. Then she rested her cheek to stone as she touched her parents’ names. “I love you both so much. Thank you for my life.”

Gasps rang out behind her, and she jolted as she looked at her grandmothers, who were gawking at the ground. Layla looked down as well, and peace flooded her, stitching up a portion of her broken heart. The emerald green roses had multiplied, thickly carpeting the entire clearing.

Layla perceived the phenomenon as a sign her parents had heard her, wherever they were, and that was worth the tears she’d shed on their memorial.

Chapter 13: Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World – Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

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Layla took a deep breath as he reached out. Then she slowly exhaled as he opened the door. He gave her a nudge onto the porch, and her lungs refilled with a gasp as she stumbled to a standstill, pausing on the fringe of a scene that transcended the most fantastic fairy tales.

Surrounded by gorgeous houses and majestic trees, twenty-six glowing magicians mingled on the lawn, their happy voices and cheerful laughter filling the clearing with music so serene it soothed the soul. Wearing dresses or skirts and beaming with unmistakable confidence, the women moved like liquid among muscular men, who anticipated every turn of the feminine current with attitudes as laidback as their carefree clothes. Exuding an air of charisma, mystery and magnetism, not one of them wore shoes, and every move their active bodies made was executed with calm grace. 

Layla found her grandparents, easily picking them out by their bonded lights, which shone a little brighter than the rest of the emblazoned hazes. She smiled and waved at them, and they beamed as they waved back.

Chapter 13: Tip Of My Tongue – The Civil Wars

Get it on iTunes and Amazon


He smiled, and Layla couldn’t help but watch his lips, awash with a powerful urge to be in his arms. She glanced at the family then scooted closer, and he wasted no time wrapping her in a hug.

“I like that,” he said.

“What?” she asked.

“You leaning on me,” he answered. “I know it’s hard for you.”

“It’s getting easier.”

“I can tell.”

“I’m sure you can. You pay very close attention to me.”

“Does that bother you?”

“No, but I worry I’m keeping you from things you’d normally do. I don’t want you putting your life on hold for me.”

Too late, Quin thought, burying his face in her hair. She’d already taken center stage in his life, blurring everything around her, constantly distracting him from the rest of the world. She’d grabbed him the moment he laid eyes on her; now nothing else compared. When he wasn’t with her, he was thinking about her, his stomach and chest restless until he returned to her. He couldn’t imagine going on with life the way he used to. It would be an extremely unpleasant experience to try. 

Chapter 15: Voices in the Wind – Silvard

Get it on iTunes and Amazon


She’d never heard anything like it. In all her experience with music, including a New York opera and dozens of concerts, not one tune had provoked such intense emotion, such compelling feelings of peace, security and belonging. The coven’s mesmerizing song could surely cease a war, felling armies with nothing more than fuzzy warmth and chilling goose bumps.

Layla’s heart beat hard, and she closed her moist eyes, letting the melody flood her senses.

For several seconds it was merely a pleasing thrum. Then the baritone voices strengthened, maintaining a hypnotic tempo while adding lyrics.

“Unified ‘til death are we,
sweet connected family.
Our bonds are strong beyond compare.
Our love is pure; our judgments fair.”

As the baritone voices faded, a higher chant sung by the women stole the spotlight.

“Our family holds a love that’s true.
We show our light in all we do.
We are connected, one and all.
Our perfect wall shall never fall.”

The feminine note lingered, tickling Layla’s spine. Then the men joined the women for the final verse, creating the most magnificent harmony Layla had ever heard.

“Keep us safe and keep us strong.
Provide us with a life that’s long.
For each of us, a shelter be.
Bless us all, our family.”

As the final note reverberated on the air, electrifying energy shot from Daleen’s and Serafin’s hands into Layla’s. She gasped and popped her eyes open, but her vision blurred as the thrill vibrated up her arms and throughout the rest of her body.

Chapter 15: Dreams – The Cranberries

Get it on iTunes and Amazon


And that’s how it went time and again – slight nervousness mixed with bubbling anticipation, then a pulse of the heart, a swell of love that stretched the organ’s boundaries. After completing ten out of nineteen, her discomfort disappeared altogether. Her heart thumped with love, her veins pulsed with warm adrenaline, and her brain sped, trying to absorb the wonder of it all.

The line dwindled, and Layla knew the lovely experience was coming to an end. Her magical life, however, was just beginning. 

Chapter 16: Home – Phillip Phillips

Get it on iTunes and Amazon


“I hate that you’re going through this, Layla. You’ve been here less than three days and you’re already dealing with the darkest side of magic. But we’ll figure this out. Then I’ll show you the brightest side. I promise.”

Chapter 18: Song of the Caged Bird – Lindsey Stirling (timed w/ excerpt)

Get it on iTunes and Amazon


When Quin saw Layla’s beautiful haze retract, he froze mid-stride, flipping his gaze to the fingers tugging on her left sleeve.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

“I don’t want to talk right now,” she returned. “You should leave.” 

Quin’s hand flew to his chest, gripping his heart as his lungs deflated. It was the first time she’d asked him to go, and it hurt like hell. He took a few tentative steps, and she flinched like he’d thrown a punch.

“What’s going on?” he repeated, searching what was left of her aura – a river of wispy white fog hugging her trembling body. “What happened?”

“Just go, Quin.”

“Not until you tell me what happened.”

“You broke your promise,” she whispered. “You’ve already broken it, and you didn’t even mean to. And that’s why promises are stupid.”

Panic rolled Quin’s stomach as he slowly approached the deck. “What did I do?”

“You’ve made everything harder.”

“I don’t understand, Layla. Please look at me.”

“I don’t want to.”

His fingers curled into a fist as his speeding heart took another blow. “Okay, don’t look at me, but please tell me what’s going on.”

“You were dating someone, Quin.”

Shit. “Where did you hear that?”

“Is it true?”

He dropped his guilty head. “Yes.”

“Then where I heard it isn’t an issue.”

Shit. He didn’t know how to fix this. “None of that matters, Layla. It wasn’t a serious relationship.”

“I understand it wasn’t serious, but if you think it doesn’t matter, you’re sadly mistaken, because it’s mattering the hell out of me.”

“I didn’t expect you to come along,” he countered. “If I’d known you were about to walk into my life, I would have spent every waking minute waiting for you.”

“Of course you weren’t going to sit around waiting for someone you didn’t know was coming. Who does that? But you were dishonest by not telling me about her. I had no idea about her, even when we… even when you…” Her shoulders shook as she yanked in a choppy breath. “That’s not the point. How can you expect me to be okay with this? You’ve put me in an awful position, made me face awful decisions.”

Quin wanted to throw himself at her feet and beg her not to do this, but he knew it would serve no purpose but to make him look insane. Shit. He had to fix this. “I understand you’re upset, Layla. You have every right to be, but nothing has to change. The decisions have already been made…”

“That’s not the point,” she snapped. 

He squeezed his eyes shut and roughly ran a hand down his face, trying to calm his frantic heart. “Then tell me what the point is.”

For a long moment she stayed silent, trembling from head to toe as she wiped her face. Then she took a deep breath and straightened her shoulders. “I’m so grateful for what you’ve done, Quin. You constantly go out of your way to help me, and I really do appreciate it… all of it. And I… I care about you so much, but this thing between us just seems like a bad idea now. We’ll always have the connection we made last night, which was wonderful and I’ll never regret it. But our… relationship, or whatever this is, can’t be good for us. It’s built on dishonesty and drama.” She paused, looking down at her lap. Then she abruptly stood and headed for the north side of her house. “I need to be alone right now.”

Quin couldn’t find the strength to give her space and was right behind her. “I don’t believe that, Layla, because this relationship is good for me.” 

She didn’t respond, and his heart practically burst from his chest as it raced after the angel leaving him. “Damn it, Layla, stop.” 

He grabbed her wrist, spinning her around, and what he found nearly broke him. Swollen lids and red cheeks, and a sad gaze that dropped him lower than he’d ever been. She’d shed a river for him, and no matter how recently she wiped them away, the tears still plagued her. 

He ached to take her face in his palms and kiss the soreness away, but knew it would either piss her off or make her cry harder, so he merely squeezed her wrist. “This isn’t over, and I don’t understand why you think it has to be.”

“Really? You don’t understand? The Unforgivables have already targeted this coven because of one rejected witch. I’m already paying for Medea’s spite, and my dad wasn’t even dating her when he met my mom. All this with you, me and… and Caitlyn, it all happened over a weekend. Boom, everyone’s flipped on their heads, and now I’m the other woman, the witch who came along and messed everything up. I hate the way it feels to be that woman, and I hate thinking about the way Caitlyn’s feeling. I’m sad for her; she’s been tossed aside. And who do you think she’s going to blame for that? This whole damn situation is entirely too familiar; and I don’t want to watch it run its course. I’ve seen what things like this can do to a family, and that’s one part of my parents’ sad history I’m not willing to repeat.” She tried to pull away, but his grip stayed firm. “That’s just one reason why this isn’t good for me, Quin. The list goes on. Now please let go.” 

He held tight, searching for a way to make her stay, but she gave him no choice. Her eyes narrowed and shifted downward, and a sizzling current of electricity shot from her wrist into his hand.

“Shit,” he blurted, stumbling back.

The jolt subsided, relinquishing control of his muscles, and he raised his smoldering palm, flexing fingers around blackened flesh. Surprised and impressed by her power and accuracy, he gawked at the wound. Then he found her eyes, watching a fat teardrop fall to her cheek.

Her face drained of color as she mouthed the words I’m sorry. Then she turned and walked away. Right before rounding the corner of the house, she spoke over her shoulder. “I’m leaving for a while. Tell my grandparents not to worry.” 

“No,” Quin shouted, heart lurching as he rushed forward, but by the time he turned the corner, she was gone.


Chapter 19: Make This Go On Forever – Snow Patrol

Get it on iTunes and Amazon


Quin cast a layer of magic around Layla as he carried her home, but the precaution was unnecessary. His embrace was desperate enough to secure ten witches. He’d never been so weighed down with regret and felt dreadful from his head to his toes. Of all the places Layla could have gone, she’d stumbled into a gathering of untrustworthy magicians, including a complete stranger with things to hide. And Quin had no one to blame but himself. He should have toughened up and given her the space she asked for, but it was within her that he found his strength, so her request was crippling. Like the air he breathed, she was vital to his existence. How was he supposed to stay away when he’d surely suffocate without her?

They were almost to the community, so he slid one hand to her head and one to her hip, trying to feel enough of her to last him until next time… whenever that may be. He tucked his chin in, moving his cloak aside. Then he breathed deep, filling his lungs with her heavenly scent. Damn. He’d messed up the best thing he’d ever gotten his unworthy hands on. 


Chapter 19: Dreaming With A Broken Heart – John Mayer

(Quin’s night without Layla)

Get it on iTunes and Amazon


His muscles fluctuated as he landed. Then he lowered her feet to the grass and flipped his cloak away.

As expected, her grandparents were waiting, and Daleen and Morrigan rushed forward, pulling her into a shared hug. Layla let them, but she kept her eyes on Quin, whose gaze glittered as he turned to her grandfathers.

“I’m very sorry,” he offered, meeting their stares. Then he dropped his head and walked away.


Chapter 20: I Need Your Love – Madilyn Bailey & Jake Coco (cover)

Get it on iTunes and Amazon


Layla’s swollen eyes and tortured mind drifted open early Wednesday morning, but she wished they’d stayed closed. Waking up in her new bed without Quin’s arms around her hurt like hell.

She curled into a ball and resumed her crying binge from the night before. She’d cried for hours, soaking her pillow and chafing her throat, and when at last she drifted to sleep, she dreamed about Quin, sweetly, and that hurt like hell, too.

He’d spoiled her. Every morning he’d hugged her tight, kissed her head, and summoned her coffee. Now she was lying alone with no coffee. He’d become as much a part of her life as anything surrounding her; now he was gone. 

She wanted him back, damn it. Caitlyn be damned, Layla wanted Quin back. In that moment of lonely desperation, she was willing to deal with every crazy witch in the world just to feel his arms around her.

Blah! He’d made her crazy. She had to get a grip. Quin wasn’t there, and she had to deal with that.

She rolled out of bed and headed for the shower, but halfway across the room something out of order caught her eye. She looked at the coffee table, and found the bouquet of flowers Quin made her the day he introduced her to magic. Arranged in a blown glass vase, the multicolored roses and stargazer lily flourished – a little stick man tied to their stalks with a yellow wildflower. Next to the bouquet, emitting a wispy swirl of steam, sat an oversized mug of coffee.

Layla sank to the floor and started bawling again. Quin still touched her, but from a distance now, and she wasn’t okay with that.


Chapter 20: All Of Me – John Legend

Get it on iTunes and Amazon


“You’re nothing like the other women I’ve been with, Layla. The feelings I have for you can’t be compared to the passing interest I gave them. When I first saw you, every relationship I’ve had suddenly seemed trivial, like their only purpose was to prepare me for you. You’re perfect from your head to your toes, your physical beauty surpassed only by your lovely heart, and the package deal will never lose my interest.”

“Quin,” she breathed, pout trembling.

“Let me finish,” he insisted, touching his forehead to hers. “I’m wholeheartedly yours. As long as I’m the man you want, I’m here to stay. That’s one promise I’m not afraid to make, even after the colossal mess I made out of the last one. Nothing else out there calls my name louder or sweeter than you, and nothing will keep me from answering. It’s the call I’ve been waiting for. It’s my peace and my purpose, and now that I’ve heard it, I’d be lost without it.”


Chapter 22: Northern Lights – Cider Sky

Get it on iTunes and Amazon (full album only)


Quin laughed with her, wanting to scoop her up and kiss her all over. When she managed to let go of her insecurities and worries, she had the most amazing spark for life, and it turned him on in ways he never imagined. She was the most spirited witch he’d ever met, innocently and honestly so. When she allowed it, she could be purely uninhibited, and even under full exposure she maintained her angelic shine. For her to bare it all was nothing short of divine. To lay eyes and ears and hands on her when she revealed the depths of her soul was an unparalleled phenomenon. She was a sea of emotions; she bathed in them, but they showered him, dousing him in the realization that she could be as happy as she could be sad. Both emotions grabbed hold and ran away with her, forcing her to ride out the pain or embrace the pleasure. He understood why, and found it to be one of his favorite things about her. She could love, hurt and enjoy life more than anyone else he knew, and while it made for an emotional roller coaster, the benefits were well worth the ride.

She looked at him – her smile brilliant and natural, her round eyes wide and sparkling with vim – and his lungs froze as his heart stopped. He already knew he could spend the rest of his life with her. He’d loved her longer than he’d known her. But at that moment, he realized he was utterly in love with her.

His lungs refilled as his heart began beating, but the organ had grown, and it thumped harder than ever before. This woman held his life in her delicate hands, and he never wanted her to stop clutching him. The fact that he’d known her less than a week didn’t concern him, but it did excite him. What she’d done to him in five short days was incredible, life-altering… heavenly. He couldn’t imagine what possibilities lay in wait. He had to find out and would do everything in his power to make sure he got the chance. That would be his purpose in life – to keep this woman wanting him, and to keep her life from being taken away from him. Nothing else mattered in comparison.


Chapter 24: Lights In the Sky – George Wiston (timed w/ excerpt)

Get it on iTunes and Amazon


Quin halted an inch from the ground, hovering as he whispered against her lips. “I’m shielding your mind. Don’t speak.” He quickly cast magical barriers around their heads. Then he laid a finger over her lips.

Layla furrowed her eyebrows, wondering what in the hell was going on and how long she’d have to wait before finding out.

Not long.

She heard them before she saw them. It sounded like flags flapping in the wind, but she understood immediately they were cloaks. She looked to the treetops, watching dozens of silhouettes soar by, the billowing edges of their cloaks catching the cloudy moonlight to reveal blood red velvet.

Layla swallowed a lump and fought tears, unable to look away as at least forty Unforgivables passed, each of them further instilling in her the absurd reality of the dangerous situation. She trembled, terrified of what the wicked witches and wizards had done to her coven… her family.

What was actually mere seconds seemed like several minutes in Layla’s frightened mind, so by the time the last two enemies flew by, she was fighting to keep her spells in place while staving off a breakdown. All she could think about was her family. Their faces flashed through her head as she silently repeated her plea over and over again. Please let them be okay… Please let them be okay… The longer she had to wait to find out, the more labored her breathing became.

Quin urged her lips to his and laid a hand on her heaving chest, but it was a long moment of distressing silence before he whispered. “You have to calm down, Layla. Slow, deep breaths.”

At his voice, the tears broke loose and she choked on a sob. “Oh god. We have to get back. What if they hurt someone?”

“You need to calm your breathing before we go anywhere.”

“I’m trying,” she gasped. “I can’t.” Horrible images haunted her as tears streamed down her cheeks. They wouldn’t stop, and her lungs were insatiable. “Carry me.” 

Quin urged her to his chest and wrapped his cloak around her. “If it gets worse, I’m going to stop, so try to relax and steady your breathing. Keep your concealment spells in place until I tell you otherwise.”

She nodded, nearly inhaling his shirt as she wheezed and nuzzled closer, trying to find the security the position usually provided, but it was difficult when such scary thoughts sped through her head.

Quin slowly approached the treetops, trying not to rustle the limbs as his magic swept them aside. He searched the skies, finding nothing of note, so he leaned back, letting Layla rest on his torso as he flew home.


Chapter 24: Fade Into You – Sam Palladio & Clare Bowen

Get it on iTunes and Amazon


She wished she could sink into his body. If it felt this good to lie on the outside, it had to be utterly peaceful on the inside. She turned her other cheek to his skin, drying more tears as his pulse echoed in her ear. Then she touched her lips to his heart while sliding her palms to his stomach.

Desperate for comfort, aching to feel a tiny sliver of the virtues he embodied, she stretched her fingers and pressed closer, employing magic to draw him into her. 

Quin jolted as her spell rushed over him, as if gravity had shifted and strengthened, turning his insides toward her palms like a flower turns toward the sun. All his emotions and thoughts were geared toward her, and he could have sworn his heart beat her name as his blood flowed in her direction. The magic was intense and slightly uncomfortable, but satisfying on several levels and definitely worth it. He knew exactly what she wanted, and he wanted her to have it.

Warmth flooded Layla’s insides, soothing sore muscles and lightening her heavy heart. The terrifying visions haunting her head blurred, and she quickly replaced them with memories of cliff diving and flying over the ocean.


Chapter 26: Bubbly – Colbie Caillat

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Waking up together made Layla and Quin forget their worries for a blessed moment, and even though reality returned, staring into each other’s eyes soothed the sting.

“Good morning, angel,” he whispered, kissing her nose.

She magicked her teeth clean and smiled. “You can do better than that.”

“You’re right,” he agreed, rolling her onto her back.

Bracing his weight on one hand, he took her face in the other, flipping her insides with a delightful combination of soft and intense kisses.

“Better?” he asked, flashing dimples.

“Much better,” she approved. “You can wake me up like that any time you want to.”

“You may regret telling me that.”

“I doubt it.” She buried her fingers in his hair then pulled him back to her mouth. “I’m not done yet.”


Chapter 28: Sea – George Winston (timed w/ excerpt)

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Trapped in excruciating agony, Layla was immobile, her body a block of burning steel – heavy, stiff and unable to escape the flaming torture. She didn’t understand how her lungs still worked. Surely they, too, had flattened under oppressive pain. 

Despite how damaged and useless her body was, her brain worked fine, and it sped through her last moments of consciousness, wondering how she’d survived and where she was.

She raised one eyelid, but everything was blurry, so she closed it and concentrated on her sense of touch. A fresh wave of agony washed over her, but she focused through it, realizing she was in someone’s arms. Flying maybe? The cold wind slapping tender flesh told her yes.

Damn. She was on her way to Agro. 

She hurt too bad to work up any real terror, but she wished she could kill the bastard carrying her. He’s the one who brutally broke her bones. 

“It’s okay, Layla,” said a familiar male voice.

She jolted. Big mistake. A scream ripped from her throat as her fragmented body protested. But the scream’s consequences were worse. The shriek twisted her broken face, and her stomach churned. Oh god, please don’t get sick. That would kill her.

“It’s okay,” the voice repeated. “The piece of shit who did this is dead.” He murmured a few profanities then cleared his throat. “I can’t believe this happened.”

Layla searched her pounding brain, trying to figure out who was speaking, but she couldn’t place the voice with a face or name. She opened one eye again, and this time she left it open.

When her vision cleared, she was surprised, confused and relieved to find Finley. His multicolored eyes were trained on her face, and his jaw flexed around thin lips.

Layla closed her eye again, wondering how she’d ended up in his arms. She wanted to ask, but couldn’t. The tiniest movements vexed her wounds.

A different voice drifted to her from a distance, and this one she definitely knew. 

“Son of a bitch.”

She instinctively turned toward the beautiful sound, and another scream vibrated her throat. “Quin!”

“Shit.” He was much closer now. “If you did this to her…” His voice lowered to a deadly growl. “…I’ll kill you.”

“Back off,” Finley barked, tensing around her. “I saved her ass.” 

“Layla!” several women screamed, but Morrigan and Daleen were the loudest.

Layla tried to open both eyes, but only one obeyed. She spun it around until she found Quin, and her lungs stuttered as she reached for his cheek. Tears gathered, blurring the heavenly vision, and a thick lump consumed her throat.

“Quin,” she slurred, pissed she couldn’t form his name correctly. 

His hot breath swept across her face as he leaned close. “I’m here, love. You’re going to be okay.”

He looked away, so she closed her eye. He was the only thing she cared to see. 

“Give her to me,” he demanded.

“No,” Finley shot back.

Quin sucked in an angry breath, and Finley’s hard muscles shifted like rocky terrain.

“She’s in bad shape,” he added. “If I hand her to you, it will hurt her.”

“Shit,” Quin hissed.

His breath found Layla’s face again, and he spoke so tenderly, they could have been back in her bed, sharing a perfect moment over coffee. “You’re going to be okay, love. You’re almost home.” He paused, taking a slow breath as his caress moved from her forehead to her curls. “I’ll make this right, Layla. I swear.”

Tears rolled from her swollen lids as she tried to say his name, but it was hardly a squeak.

He sucked it in as he softly touched his lips to hers. “I’m so sorry, baby. So sorry. I should have been here.”

He backed away and took her hand, keeping it to his lips as they flew the rest of the way home.


Chapter 29: Nightfall – David Lanz

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Layla watched as he moved to the spot beside her, and she couldn’t help but smirk at how long it took him. “Tell me another one,” she demanded.

Quin propped his head on one hand and found her bright eyes – magic pools lacking the slightest variance in color. No other shades of green, just liquid emerald. “Another what, love?”

“Another reason why you’re here.”

“Ahh.” He softly ran his forefinger down the bridge of her nose, over her lips, and across her chest, stopping it on her heart. “I’m here because I love the way I feel when I’m with you, and because I feel like hell when I’m away from you.” He looked to his hand and tapped his finger in time with her pulse. “I’m here because I’m dying to touch this heart in every way possible, and none of those ways can be accomplished from a distance. That’s just a few reasons,” he concluded, finding her stare. “There are more.”

“Those are good reasons,” she approved. “You can scoot closer.”

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You won’t.”

He cautiously moved closer, but she wasn’t satisfied.

“No, Quin. I want to feel you.”

“There will be time for that later.”

“Says who?”

“Me. I’m not leaving your side. You won’t be able to force me away.”

“I’m not going to try,” she mumbled. Then she turned her head, squarely meeting his gaze. “You’re really not going to hold me until I’m better?”

“I’m sorry,” he refused.

“Fine,” she huffed. “Here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to close my eyes and think about you holding me, and you’re going to fix me. And you need to hurry, because my imagination isn’t as good as the real thing.”

“I’ll do my best to hurry the process along,” he agreed. “I’ll need to tear your dress some more.”

“I have a better idea,” she said, looking down, and her dress disappeared, leaving her nude aside from a simple pair of white, cotton underwear. She looked at his torso, zapping his shirt away. Then she closed her eyes and relaxed. “Okay, heal away.”

Quin slowly scanned her body, which lay perfectly still – no nervous gasping, no insecure fidgeting, and her smooth skin barely blushed. “It seems you’ve come out of your shell,” he whispered, trying to calm his heart rate.

“I guess a near death experience will do that,” she replied, peeking at him with one eye. “Does this change your mind about holding me?”

“No,” he answered, finding her face. “You’re beyond beautiful, and I would love to hold you, but I’ll not hurt this perfect body of yours.”

“What if I lose the underwear?”

“No, Layla. I like the underwear, and stop trying to tempt me. It won’t work right now.” He ran his palm between her breasts, stopping it on her black and blue ribs. “When you feel better, you can try again, and I promise it will work.”

“How well?”

“What do you mean?” 

Her mild blush intensified as she pulled his hand to her left breast, centering his palm over her nipple. “I’m ready, Quin. I see no reason to wait. I love what I’ve found in you, and I want more. I want it all.”

He lowered his lips to her cleavage and breathed deep, filling his senses with her bare and aroused flesh. “I want you to have it all, Layla.”

“You’re not answering my question, Quin.”

He sighed and laid his ear to her heart, listening to its healthy beats. “Not tonight. It’s been a bad day, and you’re going to be sore for a while. I don’t want you feeling anything but pleasure when we make that move.”

Her lungs deflated as her breath swept into his hair, followed by her graceful fingers. “You’re right. I don’t want anything ruining it. I want it to be perfect.”

“It will be,” he vowed, sliding his hand to her ribs. Then raised his head and gave her a kiss. “Now try to relax and let me heal you.”

She obeyed, and he worked on her for several hours, healing damaged flesh and bone. She fell asleep when he was halfway done, and her peaceful aura soothed him as he continued making her well.

Once the bruises were gone, he floated to her feet and gently ran his hands along every inch of unveiled skin, looking for spots he might have neglected or never knew about. The process took a long time, but he didn’t mind. He’d do anything to make her feel better, and touching her body was a pleasure, not an inconvenience. 

Convinced he’d mended her as much as he could, he floated to the spot beside her and eased onto the bed. He laid his hand over her heart. Then he counted its beats while watching her profile.

He loved her more than he ever thought he could love someone. He loved her the way he always wanted to love someone. Now it seemed he was but a breath away from losing her. It had almost happened, in broad daylight, right on the coven’s property. How could he keep it from happening again? One thing was certain, whether she liked it or not, he was on a hiatus from work until she was out of danger. His own life no longer mattered. It was hers that meant everything.

As he analyzed and sorted his emotions, trying to put everything into perspective, he eventually landed on a prominent and dreaded concern. Finley – the wizard who somehow managed to be in all the right places at all the wrong times.

Quin didn’t trust him. Mostly because the guy lacked manners and had an ego the size of Alaska, but Quin couldn’t deny his concern about losing Layla to the twice bonded male. She had no interest in Finley now, but he’d weaseled his way into their community, which would give him plenty of opportunities to win her over. And that was exactly what he planned to do.

Not for one second did Quin believe Finley accidentally stumbled upon his equal. How he managed to discover and locate Layla, Quin didn’t know, but he was sure their meeting on the beach wasn’t an accident. Finley had a plan. He intended to use his unusual status to convince Layla they were made for each other. And if the two of them weren’t as different as night and day, Quin might believe that was the case. They were probably the only twice bonded children on earth, and the fact that they were male and female of the same age was an intriguing coincidence.

Coincidences were rare in the magical world, but it had to be just that. No way was Layla fated to be with Finley, and Quin had faith she’d see that as clearly as he did. She was sweet, happy and humble, while Finley was rude, antagonistic and arrogant. But if Finley preyed on her naiveté and somehow convinced her their union would serve the greater good… well, if Layla was anything, she was good. Her life meant little to her when compared to others.

Her aura swirled faster, so Quin summoned a fresh cup of coffee onto the nightstand and pulled the blankets over her body. She mumbled his name when she stirred, and his heart soared. He’d give anything to keep his name the one on her lips.

She rolled onto her side, finding him with soft palms. Then she smiled and opened her eyes.

“How do you feel?” he asked.

“Perfect,” she answered.

“Liar,” he accused. 

Her smile stretched as she took a moment to focus on her body. “I’m a little achy, but nothing like earlier.” She paused, pressing her fingers to her brow, cheek and jaw. “You’re a miracle worker, Quin. If I hadn’t lived through it, I’d never know these bones were broken.”

She seemed sincere, so he wrapped one arm around her waist and pulled her against him. “Tell me if I hurt you.”

“I will.”

He rolled onto his back, taking her with him. Then he lowered the blankets to her hips and trailed a finger down her spine. “How’s this?”

“Perfect,” she approved, nuzzling his pecs.

“Are you cold?” he pressed.

She crossed her arms over his chest and rested her chin on them. “Stop fussing over me.”

“No,” he refused, tapping her nose.

“I thought you couldn’t tell me no,” she countered.

“I can when it’s for your own good,” he explained. “Besides, I want to fuss over you. Are you going to tell me no?”

“Maybe,” she answered, moving her arms out of the way. Then she showered his chest in kisses, talking between each sweet caress. “Someday… I’ll be the one who gets to fuss over you… and when you tell me to stop… I’ll look at you and say no… And if you argue… I’ll say it’s your own fault… You shouldn’t have told me no that one time.”

He laughed for the first time since that morning, and it felt wonderful.

“Mmm…” she murmured, kissing closer to his throat. “That’s what I needed – your laugh. It makes me feel much better about life in general.” She buried her face in his neck and kissed his pulse. “This feels fantastic, Quin. It’s exactly what I wanted earlier. Consider your promise fulfilled.”

He stopped tracing her spine and wrapped her in a hug. “No.”

“You’re getting good at telling me no. Should I be worried?”

He smiled into her spirals. “No.”

“You’re starting to sound like a broken record,” she laughed. “I’ll have to come up with a question you’ll say yes to.”

“There are a lot of them, so it shouldn’t be too hard.”

She raised her head and grinned. “Does it feel fantastic for you?”

“Yes. It feels perfect.”

She puckered and wiggled her lips. Then her eyes sparkled as she dipped her head and softly nibbled his ear. “How about this?”


Her lips trailed along his jaw. “And this?”


She found his mouth and sucked on his bottom lip, smiling when it slipped from her teeth. “And that?”


She kissed him deeply and for a long time, coming out of it breathless. “And that?”

“Yes,” he assured, grinning hugely.

She laughed as she shook her head. “You’re still a broken record.”

“I’m not broken,” he disagreed. “Not when I’m holding you. When I’m with you, I’m a whole man.”

“I don’t ever want you to be broken,” she whispered.

“Then don’t break me,” he returned, “because you hold all the power.”

“I don’t hold all the power, but I’m confident I have some of it.”

He watched her eyes for a long moment. Then he tucked her head into the crook of his arm and rolled onto his side. “Hey.”

“Hey back.”

“I love you.”

“I love you, too, Quin.”

“And I love that as well. I want us to love each other forever.”

“Sounds like a dream come true,” she approved.

“If it ever changes for you,” he whispered, leaning closer, “or if you feel it slipping away, I want you to tell me, because I’ll do anything to keep you. Anything. If the love can be saved, I’ll save it.”


Bonus Song

Conclusion: Interlude – Morrissey & Siouxsie (Click on the title to find the song on YouTube; MP3 unavailable for purchase)


Thank you for listening to the Impassion playlist! And a great big thanks to those who inspired some of my choices. You know who you are. ♥

Destruction (Mystic #5) Preview by @BCBurgessBooks

castle pic for destruction preview

In honor of Retribution reaching 100 reviews on Amazon, it’s time to release a little preview of Destruction (Mystic #5), due to release in 2014. Enjoy!



B. C. Burgess

 (Copyright 2013 – B. C. Burgess)


April – Ireland

The morning sun’s rays tickled the tips of the thriving terrain as Foster descended into the heart of the Derryveagh Mountains, alighting amidst Ireland’s Glenveagh National Park. He flew alongside a swift flowing stream then squeezed through a looming line of oak and hazel trees, emerging near the gate of a castle wall. The estate boasted four turrets and two towers – every inch of stone crawling with robust, vivid green vines – and the lush grounds held a loch, a garden maze, and a sacrificial altar shaded by an ancient yew tree.

Foster nodded to the guards, bypassed the scattered crowds in the courtyard then entered the keep. After traversing five stone staircases and seven wide corridors, he reached his superior’s office and knocked on the door, receiving immediate clearance to enter.

Foster stepped inside and closed the door behind him. Then he jerked to a halt, averting his gaze from his boss’ exposed member and the witch eagerly sucking it. “I can come back,” he offered, staring at a cluttered bookshelf.

“Nonsense,” Albion insisted. “Liz doesn’t mind. Do you?”

Liz murmured an answered with her mouth full, and Albion gruffly spoke as he motioned to an empty divan. “Have a seat.”

Foster headed for the sofa, keeping his eyes on the Great Dane sprawled next to it. “I bring important news from a meeting with one of Alistair Murdoch’s men.”

Albion straightened in his chair and raised a curious eyebrow. “Our American liaison?”

Foster gave a nod, and Albion looked at his lap. “Leave us, Liz.”

She lifted her head and pouted. “But I just got here.”

Albion smiled as he pulled her from her knees and brought her in for a kiss. “You can come back later, cookie. We’ll make a night of it.” With a pat on the ass, he sent her away, but as she crossed the threshold, he called her name.



“Bring Alicia with you when you return.”

Liz’s smile fell as her aura and nostrils flared. “Sir,” she agreed. Then she left the stately office and pulled the door shut behind her.

Albion chuckled as he pulled up his pants. Then he grinned at Foster while summoning a pipe and a pouch of herb. “She didn’t like that.”

Foster relaxed and shook his head. “You have a jealous witch on your hands. That’s a dangerous game you’re playing.”

“She’ll get over it.” Albion lit the herb, took a healthy hit then floated the pipe to Foster. “What did Murdoch’s man have to say?”

Foster blew a plume of smoke into the Great Dane’s eager face before returning the pipe to Albion. “There’s been a breakthrough. Alistair recently sent thirty-five mercenaries on an obscure hunt and they never returned.”

“So? That means nothing.”

“At first sight maybe, but there’s more. Agro has fallen.”

Albion’s eyes widened as his ears perked up. “Is that right?”

“Yes. He’s dead and the Dark Elite has disbanded.”

“Who took care of the snake?”

“A witch. A young and very powerful witch.”

“You don’t say,” Albion murmured, running a hand through his auburn hair. “What does this have to do with Murdoch’s men?”

“They disappeared while observing the stand against Agro. Instead of getting his mercenaries back, Alistair received rumors of a powerful witch. Supposedly she took out Agro and over seventy of his men single-handedly.”

Albion laughed. “An inflated tale, I’m sure.”

“Logic would agree, but the rumors pertaining to the witch and her victory are remarkably similar. They say she glows like the sun and burns just as hot. She was special enough to pull Agro out of the shadows. He was a fool, but he knew how to keep his skin intact.”

“Aye,” Albion agreed. “Do we know where this witch is?”

“Her army gathered in the state of Oregon, but the battle took place in Washington. No one knows the witch’s current location or status. She hasn’t been seen since leaving the battlefield in the grasp of mutinous Dark Elite soldiers – around thirty of them according to hearsay. But her companions – three bonded couples and her bonded mate…”

Albion raised his eyebrows, and Foster nodded his confirmation. “Yes, I said her bonded mate. He and six others gave chase, and rumors claim the witch lives, but there’s no proof to back it up.”

“The Crusaders will be all over this.”

“Yes, and they’re probably ahead of us. They usually have a unit tailing Alistair’s mercenaries.”

Albion sucked on his pipe as he contemplated the situation. Then he rose and summoned his cloak. Slipping his arms into dark-purple velvet, he threw Foster a glance. “We need to act quickly. If this is indeed the witch from the prophesies, we need to find her before the Crusaders gain her favor. Contact our troops in Australia and Africa and send them to the U.S., to the Pacific Northwest. And give Murdoch a call. Tell him to put all his resources to work on locating the witch. I want her found by the time our men arrive.” Albion clicked his tongue, and his dog joined him at the door. “I need to meet with the elders, but I want you back here in two hours to hammer out the details.”

“Yes, sir,” Foster agreed. “Shall I alert our witch hunter in the states?”

Albion grimaced. “That guy has no respect for our kind.”

“True,” Foster conceded, “but he has an impressive success rate and can track what we can’t. It would be wise to put him on retainer.”

“Maybe, but the elders will want this witch alive, so let’s give it some time before resorting to… What does he call himself again? The Ocelot?”

“Yeah,” Foster smirked.

Albion rolled his eyes. “I’ll confer with the elders, but for now, assume we’re going to give it a while before calling on the Ocelot’s questionable techniques.”

“Yes, sir,” Foster agreed. Then both men and the dog hurried from the room.


To Be Continued…


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