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Characters in Descension

Playlist for Deception (Mystic #3) by @BCBurgessBooks

Deception Playlist

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*Contains Deception excerpts and major series SPOILERS*

Chapter 1: Stars by George Winston

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A rainbow of shiny mist dazzled Quin’s retinas as he awoke in the middle of the night, his mind oddly alert. His head lay on his left bicep, and his right arm cuddled Layla to his chest, her rhythmic breaths pulsing over his pecs. Her aura flowed peacefully, but Quin’s spine straightened under the sting of agitated nerve endings.


Chapter 1: Wicked Heart by Nox Arcana

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Agro grabbed Caitrin’s collar and yanked him from his mate’s embrace, pulling him toward the house to the east. They were halfway there when two soldiers emerged from the shadows, shoving a witch and wizard in front of them. Each captive hugged a small child to their chest, doing their best to shield innocent eyes and ears.


Chapter 3: Cloudburst by George Winston

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Quin’s vision blurred as his chest filled with fire. He counted the seconds ticking by, and as surely as he watched Layla’s life fade, his own was slipping away. “You can’t do this to me,” he whispered, listening for a breath as he tracked her pulse, its pace dangerously slow. “Come on, baby, just keep breathing.”


Chapter 3: Almost Paradise by Benjamin Utecht

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They were surrounded by a night sky complete with distant planets, a bright cratered moon, and a constellation of her name. She leaned up, sweeping her gaze left to right, and her mouth fell open. Lush, green grass covered the floor, and the furniture and walls had disappeared, replaced by gently rolling hills, dark sky and more bright stars. Layla leaned over and pulled at the comforter, finding the illusion of a grass covered mound where the bed should be.

“Oh my god.” She straightened and found Quin’s eyes. “You have got to be my imagination running away with me. You can’t be real.”


Chapter 5: Flight by Silvard

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He grinned as he pulled her under his arm. “How do you feel?”

“The same way I always feel after playing with fire. It’s like taking a shot of adrenaline mixed with happy gas. Screw energy drinks. We should market post-power euphoria.”

He laughed as he rubbed her vibrating shoulder. “So you’re ready for a race?”


Chapter 6: Unity by Todd Wallin

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Layla loved it, too, and her chest filled with warmth as she cuddled into his bicep and ran her gaze over their family. They were so beautiful and happy, and they were gathered for what could very well be the last time.

Alana’s giggle caught Layla’s attention and she looked over, watching the toddler shoot a tiny puff of fire toward the sky.


Chapter 7: Wonder by BrunuhVille

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Awestruck eyes frozen open, Layla witnessed blue dragons, white unicorns, and singing mermaids. Then her grandparents took turns making her gasp and gawk at the sky like an idiot. Morrigan shot colorful toucans into Caitrin’s burning trees; and Serafin and Daleen created a miniature Niagara Falls. Every second of the event was exciting and extraordinary, and it forever changed Layla’s idea of a magic show. Smoke and mirrors could never compare.


Chapter 9: Night (part 1) by George Winston

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Her lungs froze, a scream building in her diaphragm as she stared into Finley’s eyes, their oceanic depths glinting with pride as his lips pressed harder into hers. Her heart slammed against her ribs. Then her lungs burst with a painful shriek as she pushed, scratched and kicked. He rolled off her, and she scrambled out of bed like a guilty mistress busted by a gun-toting wife.


Chapter 9: Everytime We Touch (Candlelight Mix) by Cascada

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Keeping his fingers locked in his lap, he shifted, pulling one leg on the bed so he could face her. “No matter how many lovers are in my past, there’s only one in my future, and I will never betray you by bringing another into the picture. You could walk out on me and never come back, and I’d still devote my life to erasing your fears. If a lifetime is what it takes to earn your trust and prove my commitment to you, that’s what I’ll give.”

She met his shiny stare, her lips trembling as her heart stuttered. “What you’re offering is what I want most, no matter how selfish it feels or how scared I am to take it.”


Chapter 10: Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me by She & Him

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His lips parted hers with a soft kiss, and magical warmth rushed her veins as magical tingles slithered over moist flesh. Her muscles vibrated as her blood pumped faster, and goose bumps stretched from her scalp to her toes.

She swayed as his mouth stilled. Then she opened her eyes and smiled. “Do it again.”


Chapter 11: Shivers by Nox Arcana

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He moved closer, and she fought the urge to back up, trying to appear strong, but she didn’t feel strong. “Leave, Finley. There’s no reason for you to be here.”


Chapter 12: Elements (Orchestral Version) by Lindsey Stirling

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Quin’s devastated roar still pulsed through the lawn when Layla’s grandparents shot from Caitrin’s front porch, closely followed by Brietta.

Morrigan caught Quin’s gaze and faltered, losing height dangerously fast, but Caitrin swooped down and caught her, pulling her to his chest as he continued toward Quin.

“She’s gone,” Quin raged, meeting them halfway. “Finley’s gone.”


Chapter 13: My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark by Fall Out Boy

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“I’m not crazy, Layla. Things are very clear for me. This isn’t insanity. It’s determination and preservation. It isn’t selfishness either. It’s claiming what’s rightfully mine while giving you the same. You and I are much alike, but the difference is – I know our worth and the dangers we face, while you don’t know shit. Not about yourself, the enemy, or the world. You have no idea what you’re up against, and worse than that, you have no idea what kind of life you deserve or how to go about getting it. Well that’s fine, because I’m getting it for both of us.”


Chapter 14: Veil of Darkness by Nox Arcana

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Every time a plant rustled, a leaf crunched or a twig snapped, her heart lurched and her lungs froze. But he hadn’t come for her yet, and the timber had grown thicker, the tree trunks closer together. Confidence building, she grasped low slung branches and shouldered rough bark, using them to push and pull herself along. It worked well, and she began covering more ground in less time.


Chapter 14: Luna by BrunuhVille

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She found the purple glow of the moon through a gap in the branches, reverently watching as a cloud drifted aside to reveal a bright portion of the orb’s cratered surface. It was the closest thing to a star up there, and really, it was much more inspiring than tiny flashes of distant, burning rock. And it was much more fitting to look at while thinking about her hero. Quin wasn’t a distant star so easily obscured by dark clouds; he was a constant light, clearly visible through the stormiest nights.


Chapter 14: Glowing In The Dark by Cider Sky

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Her head snapped to the side, but she forced it to snap back, flipping her gaze to the treetops across the clearing. Her heartbeat quickened, shifting from a sporadic thrum to a forceful throb, and she lowered her eyes to Finley. “You shouldn’t have done that,” she whispered.


Chapter 18: Gone, Gone, Gone by Phillip Phillips

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“Never, Layla. I’ll never give up on you. I would have scoured this earth until I found you.”


Chapter 19: If I Didnt Have You by Amanda Marshall

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“It’s weird, because I never needed anyone when I lived on my own, and now, I’ve never needed anyone more. I crave everything about you – your voice, your attention, your touch. My god I crave your touch. I look forward to curling into your chest like I look forward to breathing. You’ve made me needy, Quinlan Farrel Kavanagh. Suddenly I’m in need of nothing except for your presence, yet my need is stronger than ever.” 


Chapter 20: At Peace by Silvard

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He carefully sat beside her and looked down, taking a few seconds to examine her uninjured face – her strong and beautiful features. They called his name and spiked his heart rate, propelling a tingle down his spine as he leaned in. Her sweet scent found his senses as her aura parted around him, and his eager fingertips swept across her healthy cheek, caressing its rosy glow. He’d been waiting for this moment for more than twenty-four heart-wrenching hours, and he couldn’t wait any more.

Lowering his needy lips to hers, he finally let himself drink. “Layla, my love.”


Chapter 23: It’s Your Day by Yiruma

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Layla opened her eyes and gasped, filling her senses with the aroma of sea salt and flowers. They were on a large terrace overlooking the ocean, and not only was the view fantastic, the entire balcony was draped in emerald-green roses. The flowers consumed their romantic perch, twisting around the polished banister and down every rail, and they flowed from above as well, creeping along the windows and wall before spreading out beneath their feet. The floral theme continued to a petal strewn table and chairs, which was set with an array of breakfast options.


Chapter 24: Shine by Donavon Frankenreiter

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A chill swept over her shoulders and down her spine, and goose bumps followed, reminding her of the cold weather. “This dress is inappropriate for the weather. I’m going to get cold.”

“Nuh-uh,” he breathed, spreading magical warmth into her breasts and throughout her tingling limbs. “Not while you’re with me.”


Chapter 25: We Are in Love by Cider Sky

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Everyone on the deck turned toward the stairs, scooting this way and that to get a good look, and Layla fought a blush, thankful for the weight and warmth of Quin’s arm around her shoulders.

The herculean wizard jumped off the table and approached with energetic grace, but while he slapped Quin’s shoulder, he kept his gaze on Layla. “We were just talking about you.”

“I heard,” Quin replied. “Something about my damned work ethic.”

“Well you do work too much. So who’s the angel and where have you been hiding her?”

“This is Layla,” Quin answered, smiling at her, and she actually felt an atmospheric shift as everyone snapped to attention.

A few mumbles floated through the crowd, but Quin ignored them, taking the time to kiss Layla’s head before introducing everyone. 


Chapter 27: Make It Rain by Colbie Caillat

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Layla grinned, unbothered by the gossip session. Only one woman made Quin feel the way he wanted to feel, and he’d finally found her. Apparently he’d done a lot of searching along the way, but Layla knew she was different than the others, and she no longer cared why. As long as she had what it took to hold on to him, it didn’t matter where it came from.


Chapter 28: Candle Light Dinner by Larry W. Rice

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Quin stayed quiet, which spared her the embarrassment of talking with her mouth full, but he kept touching her, which made her forget about food altogether, even if she was in the middle of a bite. Her eyes would close, and only her natural reflexes kept her teeth mechanically moving as she concentrated on his hands… or his lips. Sometimes it was both. 


Chapter 28: Alive by Krewella

Get it on iTunes & Amazon *As far as I can find, this version is only available on Now That’s What I Call Music, Vol. 46*


He was bursting with adrenaline, and the magic was blowing his mind. “Yes, Layla Love, that was very good, but I don’t know how much longer I can stand here, so you better give me my finale.”

She grinned and moved behind him, placing both hands against the small of his back. “Hold out both arms,” she instructed, and he quickly obeyed. 


Chapter 29: Falling Into You by Celine Dion

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He sighed and opened his eyes, and she stared into their dark depths, seeing everything she loved in them. She found herself in them, too. Not just her reflection, but her essence. His eyes were always watching her with unfailing tenderness and patience, seeing her in a brighter light, and every time she looked at them, she found more than before.


Chapter 29: Because The Night by 10,000 Maniacs

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Her wide eyes filled with moisture as her lips quivered, but she didn’t respond, and he figured she was too overwhelmed to talk. He slowly leaned forward, watching her glowing face as his lips touched hers, and for several seconds he held them there, breathing the same air as her while burning the moment into his memory. It would be the most magnificent memory his mind would ever hold, this he knew, and to his ultimate elation, there were more precious memories to come.

He parted his lips around her pout, and that was all it took for Layla’s mood to shift from utter peacefulness to intense anticipation.


Chapter 30: The Beginning by Silvard

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A smile played on her lips as she fiddled with his collarbone. “So you anticipated tonight?”

He grinned and shifted her around, cradling her across his lap. “Yes.”

“Since when?”

“I’ve been anticipating this night for a long time, but I think you’re asking when I decided to make it a reality.”

“Yes,” she laughed, “that’s what I’m asking.”


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♥B. C. Burgess♥

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Glossary of Terms in the Mystic Series, Epic Romance by B.C. Burgess



Ava/Mother Ava – First woman on earth. First magician on earth. Goddess of the Heavens.


Alula– Goddess of flora.


Aura – A compilation of emotions that manifests in a colorful, translucent haze that floats around the body. Everyone has them, but only magicians can see them. Auras are considered an abstract look at the soul and can be read by color and flow.


Bonded Mates/Bonded Couple – Similar to non-magical soul mates. Every magician has a perfect match. If two potential mates find each other, commit, and consummate their relationship, they become bonded mates or a bonded couple. Upon becoming bonded mates, they absorb a fraction of each other’s magical ability, an increase that lasts until one of them dies. Bonded mates will conceive an offspring only if they both choose to do so. Bonded mates are highly unusual, as it’s rare for two potential mates to find each other, and even then they remain unaware of their status until the bonding occurs. Bonded mates will never leave each other for an extended period of time.


Bonded Child The offspring of a bonded couple. Bonded children are capable of more powerful magic than average magicians, but they don’t possess as much magical power as bonded couples. However, bonded children surpass even their parents in agility, having absorbed 100% of both parents’ physical strengths.


Bonded Light – The translucent golden haze that manifests around bonded couples. The bonded lights mingle with their auras, growing brighter when the mates are near each other, and fading when the mates are apart. Only magicians can see the bonded lights.


Elemental Magic – Spells composed of fire, earth, water or air.


(Air Child – A magician who excels at air magic.)

(Earth Child – A magician who excels at earth magic.)

(Fire Child – A magician who excels at fire magic.)

(Water Child – A magician who excels at water magic.)


Halls of the Heavens – The spirit plane where moral souls reside following death. Also referred to as heavens, with a lower-case h.


Heavens (capitalized) – The gods and goddesses.


Hexless – Non-magical citizens.


Manu– First wizard on earth. God of the Heavens.


Mind-search – A mental connection between magicians used to locate one another or silently communicate.


Power-band – A pearlescent cord found in a magician’s aura. The power-band spirals around the magician’s body and gauges their magical power, growing thicker, wider and more condensed as powers improve.


Twice-bonded Child – An unofficial title given to Layla, because her parents were bonded children who bonded with each other. There is no official label for this, as it’s unheard of by most magicians.


Underworld – The spirit plane reserved for the wickedest souls following death.


Unforgivables – A villainous coalition formed in 1947 by a ruthless wizard named Agro. Agro called his clan the Dark Elite, but their murderous acts earned them the name Unforgivables. They are the most feared group of magicians to haunt the United States since the 1600s.


Magical Characters in @BCBurgessbooks Descension

Magical Characters Introduced in Descension


Main Characters

Layla – (LAY-lah) dark beauty

Quinlan Farrel

  • Quinlan – (KWIN-len) strong, graceful; perfection of form
  • Farrel – (FA-rel) hero; victorious; man of courage

Aedan Dagda

  • Aedan – (AY-den) fire; born of fire
  • Dagda – (DAG-dah) god of earth

Rhosewen Keely 

  • Rhosewen – (RHOS-wen) white rose
  • Keely – (KEE-lee) slender; beautiful

Layla’s Grandparents

Caitrin – (KAY-trin) a combination of his parents’ names: (M)Caivan, meaning world or universe; and (F)Trinette, meaning pure.

Morrigan – (mor-REE-gan) great queen; war goddess; of the sea

Serafin – (seh-RAH-feen) burning one

Daleen – (day-LEEN) motherly


Quin’s Parents

Kemble – (KIM-bahl) warrior; strong family

Cordelia – (kor-DEE-lee-ah) of the sea; heart


The Coven

Catigern – (KAT-i-gern) battle lord

Lann – (lahn) blade

Karena – (kah-REE-nah) beloved; pure

Cinnia – (sin-EE-ah) beauty

Arlen – (AR-lehn) pledge or oath

Enid – (EE-nid) fair; soul

Kearny – (KEER-nee) fighter; victorious

Brietta – (BREE-eh-tah) honorable; strong

Banning – (BAN-ing) fair one; blond


The Enemy

Agro – (ag-ro) hard; bitter; hostile

Farriss – (FAYR-is) iron; strong


Unrelated Locals & Side Characters

Medea – (meh-DAY-uh) cunning

Dion – (dee-AHN) divine


A special thanks to for their pronunciation guide.

(Meanings were chosen from a variety of websites at my discretion.)