Magical Characters Introduced in Impassion 


The Coven

Cadman – (KAD-man) battle

Flanna – (FLAN-ah) russet or red-haired

Rhiannon – (ree-AN-un) great queen or goddess

Edana – (ee-DAH-nah) passionate; fiery

Devlin – (DEV-lin) fierce courage

Belinos – (BEL-en-oos) bright and brilliant

Drystan – (DRIS-tun) tumult; noisy one

Selena – (seh-LEEN-ah) sky; heaven; moon goddess

Skyla – (SKY-la) sheltering; of the sky

Brayden – (BRAY-den) descendant of Bradan, great grandfather on mother’s side

Alana – (ah-LAY-nah) beautiful; dear child


The Enemy

Dolan – (DOH-lan) dark; bold


Unrelated Locals & Side Characters

Finley – (FIN-lee) fair warrior

Maeveen – (MAY-veen) nimble

Caitlyn – (kayt-lin) pure, fair

Liam – (LEE-um) strong-willed

Kira – (KEER-ah) little dark one

Tessa – (TEH-sah) harvester

Shiela – (SHEE-lah) heavenly


A special thanks to for their pronunciation guide.

(Meanings were chosen from a variety of websites at my discretion.)

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