A compilation of emotions that manifests in a colorful, translucent haze, which floats around the body; an abstract look at the soul that can be read by color and flow.


-Everyone has an aura, but only magicians can see them.

-There are dozens of colors in an aura at any given moment – representation of emotions and significant people.

-Auras sharpen their owner’s image rather than obscuring it.

-In the dark, auras give the impression their owner is glowing, but they don’t illuminate the space outside itself.

-When an aura flows especially fast, it means the owner is aroused.

-When an aura flows inward, like it wants to melt into the owner’s skin, it means the owner is insecure or embarrassed.

-The more intense a hue is in an aura, the more intense the emotion is. A particular color will pulse and brighten when the corresponding emotion is stronger than others.

-When a person has strong feelings about someone, whether it’s love or hate, that someone’s eye color will appear in their aura. The eye color can fade and blend in with the eye colors of other people they care about, or it can flare with intensity.

Through Their Eyes

Quin’s eye color appears in Layla’s aura like an espresso river swimming with silver ribbons and dotted with tiny, pulsating stars.

Layla’s eyes are the pure and bright emerald-green that hijacks Quin’s aura the moment he meets her.

 aura color chart





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