Ava/Mother Ava – First woman on earth. First magician on earth. Goddess of the Heavens.


Alula– Goddess of flora.


Aura – A compilation of emotions that manifests in a colorful, translucent haze that floats around the body. Everyone has them, but only magicians can see them. Auras are considered an abstract look at the soul and can be read by color and flow.


Bonded Mates/Bonded Couple – Similar to non-magical soul mates. Every magician has a perfect match. If two potential mates find each other, commit, and consummate their relationship, they become bonded mates or a bonded couple. Upon becoming bonded mates, they absorb a fraction of each other’s magical ability, an increase that lasts until one of them dies. Bonded mates will conceive an offspring only if they both choose to do so. Bonded mates are highly unusual, as it’s rare for two potential mates to find each other, and even then they remain unaware of their status until the bonding occurs. Bonded mates will never leave each other for an extended period of time.


Bonded Child The offspring of a bonded couple. Bonded children are capable of more powerful magic than average magicians, but they don’t possess as much magical power as bonded couples. However, bonded children surpass even their parents in agility, having absorbed 100% of both parents’ physical strengths.


Bonded Light – The translucent golden haze that manifests around bonded couples. The bonded lights mingle with their auras, growing brighter when the mates are near each other, and fading when the mates are apart. Only magicians can see the bonded lights.


Elemental Magic – Spells composed of fire, earth, water or air.


(Air Child – A magician who excels at air magic.)

(Earth Child – A magician who excels at earth magic.)

(Fire Child – A magician who excels at fire magic.)

(Water Child – A magician who excels at water magic.)


Halls of the Heavens – The spirit plane where moral souls reside following death. Also referred to as heavens, with a lower-case h.


Heavens (capitalized) – The gods and goddesses.


Hexless – Non-magical citizens.


Manu– First wizard on earth. God of the Heavens.


Mind-search – A mental connection between magicians used to locate one another or silently communicate.


Power-band – A pearlescent cord found in a magician’s aura. The power-band spirals around the magician’s body and gauges their magical power, growing thicker, wider and more condensed as powers improve.


Twice-bonded Child – An unofficial title given to Layla, because her parents were bonded children who bonded with each other. There is no official label for this, as it’s unheard of by most magicians.


Underworld – The spirit plane reserved for the wickedest souls following death.


Unforgivables – A villainous coalition formed in 1947 by a ruthless wizard named Agro. Agro called his clan the Dark Elite, but their murderous acts earned them the name Unforgivables. They are the most feared group of magicians to haunt the United States since the 1600s.


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