Magical Characters Introduced in Descension


Main Characters

Layla – (LAY-lah) dark beauty

Quinlan Farrel

  • Quinlan – (KWIN-len) strong, graceful; perfection of form
  • Farrel – (FA-rel) hero; victorious; man of courage

Aedan Dagda

  • Aedan – (AY-den) fire; born of fire
  • Dagda – (DAG-dah) god of earth

Rhosewen Keely 

  • Rhosewen – (RHOS-wen) white rose
  • Keely – (KEE-lee) slender; beautiful

Layla’s Grandparents

Caitrin – (KAY-trin) a combination of his parents’ names: (M)Caivan, meaning world or universe; and (F)Trinette, meaning pure.

Morrigan – (mor-REE-gan) great queen; war goddess; of the sea

Serafin – (seh-RAH-feen) burning one

Daleen – (day-LEEN) motherly


Quin’s Parents

Kemble – (KIM-bahl) warrior; strong family

Cordelia – (kor-DEE-lee-ah) of the sea; heart


The Coven

Catigern – (KAT-i-gern) battle lord

Lann – (lahn) blade

Karena – (kah-REE-nah) beloved; pure

Cinnia – (sin-EE-ah) beauty

Arlen – (AR-lehn) pledge or oath

Enid – (EE-nid) fair; soul

Kearny – (KEER-nee) fighter; victorious

Brietta – (BREE-eh-tah) honorable; strong

Banning – (BAN-ing) fair one; blond


The Enemy

Agro – (ag-ro) hard; bitter; hostile

Farriss – (FAYR-is) iron; strong


Unrelated Locals & Side Characters

Medea – (meh-DAY-uh) cunning

Dion – (dee-AHN) divine


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(Meanings were chosen from a variety of websites at my discretion.)

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