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  • Leslie says:

    I have enjoyed reading all three books and cannot wait for book four of the series.

  • Tracey Pyper says:

    Where can I find the extended chapter 29?

  • Kathy Bontrager says:

    Hi, I’m a wife, mother, and work part time. Somehow life got busy and I haven’t taken time to read in years. I was playing with my iPad one day and decided to download a book. Thinking that I would try to start reading it sometime soon, but I started reading Descension right away. OMG! I couldn’t put it down. I am so hooked! First I want to thank you for renewing my desire to read, and secondly…Please don’t stop writing! I love this series.

    • bcburgess says:

      Hi, Kathy! Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I’m honored and touched that I’ve helped reignite your love for reading. <3

  • Kathy Bontrager says:

    I haven’t taken time to read in years. I started reading Descension and couldn’t put it down. Thanks for renewing my desire to read. Love these books! Kathy

  • J-jeffery@hotmail.co.uk says:

    Omg… I loved all 3 books in the mystic series, I download free books from Amazon and yours were one of them , I am now searching for the rest, I live in the uk and I’m a wife and a mum and I work full time but I still made time to read your series of mystic I couldn’t stop reading it , so thanks for giving me time out from my busy life x

    • bcburgess says:

      Hi! Sorry about the delayed response. Did you find the rest of the books? So far 7 (out of 9) are available. Retribution (#4), Destruction (#5), Devastation (#6), & Devotion (#7). There’s also a prequel about Quin titled QUIN, and a Bri & Keg trilogy will release this year. 🙂

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