Deception Extended Scene

The following is an extended scene from chapter 29 of Deception (Mystic #3), therefore it contains major series *spoilers*.

Proceed at your own risk!

And have fun!

*This content is intended for mature audiences due to its sizzling sexual nature.*   😉

again and again and again

As Quin gently untangled his hands from Layla’s curls, she braced, assuming he was about to free himself from her body. That’s how it was supposed to happen, right? Guy does girl, gets off, then pulls away to take a nap, or eat a snack, or whatever else guys think they need to do after a satisfying romp. But Layla should have known better. Quin was no ordinary guy.

Taking her butt in one hand, he slid the other to the nape of her neck.Then he stayed inside her while lowering her back to the bed. She could tell he wasn’t fully erect, but he was getting there, and if he moved, her insides burned, raw and swollen from being filled like never before. Not that she was complaining. It was a little uncomfortable, but she’d never been happier or more in love. The pain was a tiny sacrifice to make for such a fulfilling experience.

A sexy smile played on his lips as he touched them to hers, his gaze fixated on her face, as if it held all the secrets of the universe and gave him everything he ever wanted. “That was incredible.”

Her lips curved around his, but moisture filled her eyes. She wasn’t sad, not even a little bit, and she didn’t want him to think she was, but the tears came anyway. One escaped the corner of her eye, and he pulled it from her temple, rubbing it between his forefinger and thumb.

She opened her mouth to apologize, to tell him how happy she was, but the words got stuck when his thumb skipped across his finger, flipping what looked like diamond dust into the air. The sparkles rained down on her cheek, softer than snowflakes, and she realized it was the tear he pulled away, its architecture altered by magic.

She grinned and found his eyes. Then she lost the view when he kissed away another tear, tickling her face with tingles. A giggle burst free, shaking her body, and he quietly moaned while growing inside her. The throb simultaneously aroused and hurt, so she squeezed her eyes shut, trying to ignore the pain so she could reap the pleasure.

He kissed both her eyelids. Then his lips slid down her nose as he slowly pulled himself from her body. She popped her eyes open and lifted her hips, trying to bring him back, and he laughed while reaching between her trembling thighs.

“Don’t worry, love. I’m not done with you.” Two of his fingers slid inside, softly caressing tender flesh until it no longer burned. “Better?”

She nodded, well on her way to another orgasm, and the heightened thrill left her wondering if he’d healed her or merely worked her up to a point where she no longer registered the pain. Or maybe he was cleaning his mess. Truly, she had no idea. Tingles erupted every time they made skin contact, so every touch felt magical.

He pulled his fingers away, allowing her vision to focus, and she found him intently watching her, like he was reading her mind by searching her face. His fingers dipped inside again, making her jolt as he scooped moisture to her opening. Then he braced himself with one arm, his free hand stroking sensitive skin as he poised to enter her.

Her lungs quickened, her heart skipping like a child entering the gates of Disney World. She wanted him inside her now. But he barely pressed himself into humid heat and pulsing flesh, holding the position while watching her face.

She stared back with wide eyes, her brain registering so many sensations and realizations she could barely keep track. His deep and steady breathing; his forearm tensing against her shoulder; the throbbing of his erection and the unbelievable way her body reacted to it. Then there was his gaze, dark and shiny and observant as always, but more expressive than ever before. She knew exactly what he was thinking, what he wanted, and how he felt.

She raised a hand to his chest, laying her palm over his heart, and tingles flowed between them, stretching to every spot he touched – a web of energy stringing from one delighted body part to another.

He felt it, too, and his dimples deepened as he leaned closer, positioning his mouth a few inches from hers. She could tell he was breathing her in, and she knew he was waiting for more, waiting to hear her voice. She opened her mouth, hoping her overwhelmed brain would come up with something good, but she never got the chance to find out. The moment her lips parted, he pressed inside, and a moan exploded from her chest. He sucked it in, and as her eyes rolled, her scattered brain realized he didn’t give a damn what she said as long as he was there to hear it.

He slowly backed away while grasping her outer thigh, connecting another thread of tingles. Then the web expanded as he pulled her knee to his side and reentered her. She gasped and dug her nails into his chest, and he slid his hand up her leg, holding her in place as he drew back and returned.

She squeezed her eyes shut as she arched, burying the crown of her head in the pillows, but he wasn’t having it. Taking her by the cheek, he retrained her gaze on his. Then he drifted a thumb over her lips while moving inside her, his thrust getting deeper each time, which was crazy, because she thought she’d taken it all the first time.

She raised her other knee to his hip, hitting him with unexpected wave of stimulation, and he jolted before freezing. His eyes glinted as his chest rumbled, and if she didn’t know better, she’d think he was mad.

She held her breath as she watched him, anxious for his next move, dying for it, ready and willing to beg for it. She gripped the flesh over his heart and skated her fingernails up his neck, generating a stream of sparks, and he stretched and hardened, the rumble in his chest rising to his throat.

He closed his eyes, his jaw tense as he shivered. Then he released her cheek and took her by the knees, firmly pressing them into the bed. He must have used magic to brace his body, because he only applied enough pressure to keep her splayed apart as he buried himself inside her. She cried out, but not in pain. No way. This was definitely worth begging for.

She opened her eyes, trying to catch her breath as the mystical web they’d been weaving stretched from head to toe. The atmosphere around them burst with gold, and electrifying energy sizzled across their skin before skipping through the hazy silver ribbons snaking around their limbs.

Keeping himself deep inside her, he let go of her knees and wrapped one arm around her lower back, making sure she couldn’t go anywhere as his lips found her ear. “This is insane, Layla. You’re going to drive me insane.”

A breathy laugh skipped from her chest as she turned her lips to his ear. “As long as I get to go with you.”

Keeping her anchored, he rocked his hips, moving inside her without retreating, and they both groaned as the thrill strengthened. She grasped his bicep in one hand and his ass in the other, wishing she could make this feeling last forever, but at the same time, she couldn’t wait to ride the wave over the apex. It was incredible how much bliss he could bring while barely moving, and it wasn’t just the feeling of him inside her or the constant tingling. His scent, his breathing, his heartbeat, his skin against hers – it all combined to create an intoxicating potion of pleasure. And it made her want more. She wanted to go higher. This was the most addictive potion ever. Screw coffee. She wanted to wake up with this every morning.

She felt his lips curve into a smile against her ear. Then he slid his hand to her hip. “Open your legs for me, angel, and we’ll go together.”

She wasn’t sure where they were going. Maybe higher, maybe insane. Either way, she was ready for the ride. She drew her knees up and out, pointing her tingling toes toward his glutes, and he pulled his face from her hair while nearly pulling himself from her body.

She shuddered, fighting the urge to return her feet to the bed so she could lift her hips and force him back inside, and he linked his fingers with hers, stripping away her control while pinning her hands to the mattress. His gaze stayed on hers, shiny and astute, and she could tell he was analyzing her, noting the absence of fear in her enamored eyes and the lack of an objection from her parted lips. Defiance didn’t flicker, and her modesty had flown. She’d be anything he desired as long as he was the man shaping her.

He smiled, his gaze smoldering as he squeezed her hands. Then he took a deep breath and filled her up, rhythmically pumping until she succumbed to the urge to move. Her soles found the bed as her legs closed around him, and he released her right hand so he could take her inner thigh and open her back up. His cadence never wavered, not even when she squirmed, on the brink of madness and desperate for relief. He wasn’t going fast or hard, but he was going deep, and the way he moved tapped all her buttons, igniting a fire inside, his steady persistence forcing her to burn.

She whimpered and clutched his side, convinced they’d passed insanity and were about to leap into oblivion. He glanced at her lips then back to her eyes, and the next time he filled her, he didn’t pull away. His pecs slid over her breast as his hand curled around her knee, pressing her entire leg to his side, and as he throbbed inside her, her longing peaked, like someone had thrown a propane tank on the fire.

Her body clamped around him as her moan muffled into his chest, and he convulsed while stretching her arm over her head, making extra skin contact and inciting more tingles.

“Wow,” she eventually breathed, trying to clear her head and vision.

He laughed and tucked his chin in, finding her eyes. “Ready to do it again?”

She trembled, unsure how much she could take, but dying to find out. “Yes, please.”

Yep, it was easy to beg for this, and as he slowly worked her up, she didn’t have a single regret.


Hope you enjoyed getting an extended look at Quin & Layla’s first time! Thank you for reading. ~♥~ B.C. Burgess

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