Vote For Quin in the Paranormal Hottie Face-Off

Quin made it into the third round of the Paranormal Hottie Face-Off on For the Love of Books! One more and he’ll be in the final round! Click HERE to cast your vote for our hero with heart!

round three paranormal hottie face off

2 Responses to Vote For Quin in the Paranormal Hottie Face-Off

  • Laura Hernandez says:

    Just finished a week of The Mystic series…I absolutely LOVE this story! The way you describe the emotions and feelings between Quin and Layla had my heart racing. I cannot wait for book 5, Destruction.

    • bcburgess says:

      Hi, Laura! Thanks for stopping by! I’m thrilled you love the story. And I can’t wait to give you book 5! Just a few more months.

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