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In honor of Retribution reaching 100 reviews on Amazon, it’s time to release a little preview of Destruction (Mystic #5), due to release in 2014. Enjoy!



B. C. Burgess

 (Copyright 2013 – B. C. Burgess)


April – Ireland

The morning sun’s rays tickled the tips of the thriving terrain as Foster descended into the heart of the Derryveagh Mountains, alighting amidst Ireland’s Glenveagh National Park. He flew alongside a swift flowing stream then squeezed through a looming line of oak and hazel trees, emerging near the gate of a castle wall. The estate boasted four turrets and two towers – every inch of stone crawling with robust, vivid green vines – and the lush grounds held a loch, a garden maze, and a sacrificial altar shaded by an ancient yew tree.

Foster nodded to the guards, bypassed the scattered crowds in the courtyard then entered the keep. After traversing five stone staircases and seven wide corridors, he reached his superior’s office and knocked on the door, receiving immediate clearance to enter.

Foster stepped inside and closed the door behind him. Then he jerked to a halt, averting his gaze from his boss’ exposed member and the witch eagerly sucking it. “I can come back,” he offered, staring at a cluttered bookshelf.

“Nonsense,” Albion insisted. “Liz doesn’t mind. Do you?”

Liz murmured an answered with her mouth full, and Albion gruffly spoke as he motioned to an empty divan. “Have a seat.”

Foster headed for the sofa, keeping his eyes on the Great Dane sprawled next to it. “I bring important news from a meeting with one of Alistair Murdoch’s men.”

Albion straightened in his chair and raised a curious eyebrow. “Our American liaison?”

Foster gave a nod, and Albion looked at his lap. “Leave us, Liz.”

She lifted her head and pouted. “But I just got here.”

Albion smiled as he pulled her from her knees and brought her in for a kiss. “You can come back later, cookie. We’ll make a night of it.” With a pat on the ass, he sent her away, but as she crossed the threshold, he called her name.



“Bring Alicia with you when you return.”

Liz’s smile fell as her aura and nostrils flared. “Sir,” she agreed. Then she left the stately office and pulled the door shut behind her.

Albion chuckled as he pulled up his pants. Then he grinned at Foster while summoning a pipe and a pouch of herb. “She didn’t like that.”

Foster relaxed and shook his head. “You have a jealous witch on your hands. That’s a dangerous game you’re playing.”

“She’ll get over it.” Albion lit the herb, took a healthy hit then floated the pipe to Foster. “What did Murdoch’s man have to say?”

Foster blew a plume of smoke into the Great Dane’s eager face before returning the pipe to Albion. “There’s been a breakthrough. Alistair recently sent thirty-five mercenaries on an obscure hunt and they never returned.”

“So? That means nothing.”

“At first sight maybe, but there’s more. Agro has fallen.”

Albion’s eyes widened as his ears perked up. “Is that right?”

“Yes. He’s dead and the Dark Elite has disbanded.”

“Who took care of the snake?”

“A witch. A young and very powerful witch.”

“You don’t say,” Albion murmured, running a hand through his auburn hair. “What does this have to do with Murdoch’s men?”

“They disappeared while observing the stand against Agro. Instead of getting his mercenaries back, Alistair received rumors of a powerful witch. Supposedly she took out Agro and over seventy of his men single-handedly.”

Albion laughed. “An inflated tale, I’m sure.”

“Logic would agree, but the rumors pertaining to the witch and her victory are remarkably similar. They say she glows like the sun and burns just as hot. She was special enough to pull Agro out of the shadows. He was a fool, but he knew how to keep his skin intact.”

“Aye,” Albion agreed. “Do we know where this witch is?”

“Her army gathered in the state of Oregon, but the battle took place in Washington. No one knows the witch’s current location or status. She hasn’t been seen since leaving the battlefield in the grasp of mutinous Dark Elite soldiers – around thirty of them according to hearsay. But her companions – three bonded couples and her bonded mate…”

Albion raised his eyebrows, and Foster nodded his confirmation. “Yes, I said her bonded mate. He and six others gave chase, and rumors claim the witch lives, but there’s no proof to back it up.”

“The Crusaders will be all over this.”

“Yes, and they’re probably ahead of us. They usually have a unit tailing Alistair’s mercenaries.”

Albion sucked on his pipe as he contemplated the situation. Then he rose and summoned his cloak. Slipping his arms into dark-purple velvet, he threw Foster a glance. “We need to act quickly. If this is indeed the witch from the prophesies, we need to find her before the Crusaders gain her favor. Contact our troops in Australia and Africa and send them to the U.S., to the Pacific Northwest. And give Murdoch a call. Tell him to put all his resources to work on locating the witch. I want her found by the time our men arrive.” Albion clicked his tongue, and his dog joined him at the door. “I need to meet with the elders, but I want you back here in two hours to hammer out the details.”

“Yes, sir,” Foster agreed. “Shall I alert our witch hunter in the states?”

Albion grimaced. “That guy has no respect for our kind.”

“True,” Foster conceded, “but he has an impressive success rate and can track what we can’t. It would be wise to put him on retainer.”

“Maybe, but the elders will want this witch alive, so let’s give it some time before resorting to… What does he call himself again? The Ocelot?”

“Yeah,” Foster smirked.

Albion rolled his eyes. “I’ll confer with the elders, but for now, assume we’re going to give it a while before calling on the Ocelot’s questionable techniques.”

“Yes, sir,” Foster agreed. Then both men and the dog hurried from the room.


To Be Continued…


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